Best Website Builder Platforms for Writers and Authors.

Starting a blog or a website for an amateur poet or novelist is the simplest. Moreover, the best method to communicate with the world. You don’t even need advanced coding abilities or technical expertise.

Many drag-and-drop website builders are available that allow you to create a website in minutes! The following are such website-building platforms for writers by the book marketing services team.

Journo Portfolio:

Journo Portfolio is the best tool for meticulous perfectionists who like keeping their affairs in order. The platform is a no-nonsense portfolio builder. As with a customized interface packed with powerful features. The reason is for organizing your material as you want. With Journo, you can build many web pages in various:

  • Layouts
  • Themes
  • Styles

You can provide some things to your website to improve readability may provide direct links. Or add:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • PDF files.
  • Users can also choose to share their work on other platforms and major social media networks. Other visuals.

You may use Journo Portfolio to bring all your previous blogs together in one location. Moreover, display both your professional and personal work. Create a website for free here to avoid the hassle of managing many platforms.

Clippings. Me:

Today’s platforms focus on producing concise, engaging, and original content. This content is simple to read and comprehend. Long postings and articles are no longer efficient in attracting readers’ attention. Clippings. It is a website that allows users to post many clippings and podcasts.

It is best suited for freelancers and amateur journalists. The framework is simple to use. And it comes with various unique and configurable features that make it simple to:

  • Create.
  • Change.
  • Publish content.

Clippings adhere to the concept that “brevity is the essence of wit.” To improve the material’s appeal, you may include:

  • Direct links.
  • Images.
  • PDF files.
  • Multimedia embedding.

You can even establish your journalism directory on Clippings. I to keep track of all your postings in one place and network with people worldwide. It’s excellent for those that want to get their work online and get noticed right away.


Pressfolios is a portfolio-building tool designed for journalists and aspiring authors. The platform’s user-friendly architecture is a favorite with both professionals and first-time users. The simple interface works with point-and-click functionality and is a joy to use.

When you are using Pressfolios, you can:

  • Display your work.
  • Post material.
  • Edit it.
  • Promote it across various social media networks.

The auto-backup functionality is another fantastic feature. This sets the platform apart from its competitors.

You may add the sources to your portfolio with a single click using the Google Chrome extension. It backs up every post or item you upload as a PDF file and keeps it in the cloud. Even if your website goes down, you can retrieve all your writing.


“We are a group of journalists and nerds attempting to build something awesome. Contently is a website builder that encourages and helps young writers, aspiring journalists, and content creators to produce and publish high-quality material. Their slogan best reflects their working structure and functionality.

The platform has an in-house editor that helps you:

  • Add themes.
  • Change content.
  • Integrate photos and graphics.

All while increasing the readability of your website. Contently also acts as a conduit between journalists and news organizations. As helping you to have your work viewed and recognized more rapidly.

The platform is best suited for authors under a lot of job pressure and has many projects. All your clients and material are centralized and accessible.


Weebly is one of the most user-friendly free website builders available. This allows you to create your site with only a few clicks. Users may create many pages with the Weebly logo. At the same time, using an accessible and user-friendly platform. You may also pay to remove the branding. Moreover, get customized domain services by subscribing to one of the premium packages.

The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface is packed with extensive editing capabilities. This allows you to adjust the various parts of your website. You may include photos, buttons, custom forms, videos, and other elements in your design.

For increased efficiency and attractiveness. You may also integrate Mailchimp and other third-party applications into your website.


Squarespace is a platform that is popular among entrepreneurs seeking effective e-commerce solutions. This drag-and-drop website builder is fantastic for aspiring authors. Who wants to bring their work in front of a worldwide audience.

Even though it isn’t a traditional portfolio builder. Users may create and advertise fantastic websites. As with the help of many customizable editing tools and advanced features. Create your website with Squarespace’s many themes, ready-made layouts, and designs.

You may:

  • Change the structure of individual parts.
  • Add galleries.
  • Create contact forms.
  • Link your social network accounts with your website using the adaptable in-house editor.

More benefits include:

  • Free hosting.
  • Free domain registration.
  • MailChimp integration.
  • SEO tools.
  • CMS solutions.

All of which assist you in showcasing and promoting your content like a pro. Both the Personal and Professional plans are charged. But, there is a free trial version available for two weeks.

Flavors. Me:

Flavors. It is a fantastic website for social media addicts who want to keep track of all their alerts in one location. This multifunctional platform lets you access all your RSS feeds, videos, and other material from one place.

You may embed everything on your website, from your articles to your tweets and photos. Users may customize the content using around seven themes and 200+ typefaces in the free version.

You may also upgrade to the paid premium version. Flavors’ interface is a joy to work with since it is vibrant, engaging, and responsive. The site builder is exceptionally beneficial to aspiring authors since it gets you recognized very quickly.


WordPress has become very popular. It is the most scalable choice on our list. Moreover, it encourages aspiring authors to share their work on a worldwide scale. You may construct any type of website or portfolio here and add:

  • Custom pages.
  • Photos.
  • Contact forms.
  • Sidebar widgets.
  • Manage comments.

The simple interface provides you total control over how you arrange and show the material. The free designs are adjustable and beautiful. But you may look into the premium plans and themes if you want fancier options.

The platform supports all Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac devices. WordPress allows you to create mobile-friendly websites as well as multi-page portfolios. The site builder is extremely flexible to the demands of aspiring authors. Due to this reason, it is straightforward, essential, and accessible.

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