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We all had to go through some major lifestyle changes in the year 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation. For some people, hell broke loose when they lost their loved ones to the pandemic, while several others suffered isolation, loss of jobs, loss of a motive to live. The pandemic was especially harsh on individuals who were situated far away from their families. Even though most people suffered one or another form of psychological trauma, there were still some who chose to see the glass half full and managed to find a way out. Communication is the main aspect of people’s lives that was severely threatened by the pandemic. But thanks to the internet, smartphones, and other such devices, people were able to keep their sanity intact. Online chat applications gave people the cushion they needed in a time of great distress. 

 Due to the pandemic, almost the entire world has switched to online mediums of communication. These mediums let people connect in real-time regardless of where they are or what time it is. Online interaction becomes even more exciting when users can conduct meetings with good-quality sound and full-motion video effects. Through video call applications you can satisfy your senses with the visual stimulus which makes you feel less distant from the person at the other end. The NEEO HD Calling is great for making online audio/video calls with its impressive list of features.  


  • Audio/ Video Calls: 

Audio calls are better for professional purposes but for a detailed conversation with a loved one living at the other corner of the globe you might want to opt for a video call. You will feel closer to your loved one when you connect via video call and NEEO gives you access to two cameras so that the person at the other end can view your surroundings easily. Effective communication among employees is essential for the productivity of all businesses. Interaction generally takes place through e-mail, phone, or instant messaging systems but video conferencing, because it provides both audio and visual stimulus, is most effective. It shows important visual images that enable employees and customers to interpret and cooperate properly over a long distance. As a result, decisions are taken faster, projects are completed on-time and productivity increases. 


  • One-to-One and Group Calls: 

With this application, users can speak with one subscriber or even conduct group conferences.  You can use NEEO’s Group Call feature for conducting conference calls, for both personal and professional purposes. You might, for instance, especially since it’s the lockdown season, want to plan a virtual farewell party for a family member. Using the Group Calling feature you can add as many people as you want to the group call and plan the perfect farewell for your loved one! Professionally, video conferencing, through video call applications, is a great way of getting everyone on board when there’s an important matter to be discussed. 


  • Call Quality: 

The app enables fast and crystal clear audio and video communications, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Voices can be heard with clarity and images do not get pixilated. Users need not worry about security since with end-to-end encryption they have the guarantee that their calls won’t be tapped and no one, not even NEEO, can listen to their conversation. Also when you get a call when you’re already in the middle of a call, the third person can join in and be part of the call. You can also exchange data during a call, such as pictures, videos, and other documents or your location. 

The NEEO video call application is suitable for people from all walks of life including businessmen and businesswomen, educators, students, housewives, etc. The application works best with Wi-fi or a 4G internet package in case you are using mobile data. The first step is to download the app and get yourself registered by giving your phone numberFor using the HD Calling feature you need to go into the app, look for the desired recipient by clicking on the, ‘Call’, icon right above your profile picture and select your contact from the ‘Calls and Contacts’ list. You will see two icons, one for an audio call and one for a video call, right in front of your chosen contact name. Choose a format and get started! 


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