Canvas Photo Prints Vs. Framed Photo Prints

Long-standing debates have been raging between cheap Canvas prints and framed photo prints.

Will both have their distinguishing features- one is inexpensive while the other is sturdy and durable. One is fancy, and the other is a staple in almost every household. 

Frame photo prints and Canvas prints have several characteristics that every photographer or person who wants to print attractive and presentable photographs should be aware of. 

Here, in this post, we will learn about the different characteristics of Canvas photo prints and framed prints and then focus on the differences between them. 

How are frame prints created?

How much it costs to frame a person to draw a picture or photograph hinges on whether you do it yourself or get it done by someone else. 

You can print a photograph or picture that you like on your own on a high-quality printing machine. But it is unlikely to get the similar or high-quality framed friend that you can get from an expert. 

You should be actively engaged in the selection process of the company that you choose for printing. After all, they will be responsible for selecting all the materials and supplies. Ideally, the firm will keep you in the loop about what printing paper or framing material will get used. And they will also guide you on how the print would appear on different materials until you receive the finished product. 

To guarantee that your framed photograph is as lively and dazzling as possible, inquire what sort of pigment they use for printing the images.

Most likely, you will be allowed to select the finishing of the frame construction. Choosing an equivocal color like charcoal, ivory, or mocha will make your prints pop. It also allows you the scope of replacing the picture at any moment.

Finally, a low-glare glass is placed inside the framing so that your picture stays protected inside. It also adds a nice touch to the finished look.

What are the perks and downsides of Framed Photo prints?

Just as canvas photo prints, framed photographs are incredibly adaptable and may be used for various purposes. All genres and themes of photos look good when framed. In addition, these are much affordable but not always as much as Cheap Canvas prints.

You can create Framed prints on your own you need an innovative printer to produce high-quality copies of the photographs.

Canvas prints, on the other hand, is a job better left to the professionals. 

Framed photos are also a common occurrence in most households. Although, framed prints might be ideal for someone who only wants to hang or showcase some memories at home or office. But they are not suited for photographs or artists who want their work to stand out.


  • Inexpensive
  • There is a broad range of sizes and framing options available
  • Suitable for almost all sorts of images


  • Very common
  • Lack the Wow element
  • Not as long-lasting and durable as Canvas prints

How are Canvas Prints Created?

You should select a firm that enables customers to retouch their photographs for no additional charges.

When any image is even a quarter-inch out of the center, it will not appear well on the final print.

Professional photographers and folks familiar with the nooks of printing know it’s essential to be satisfied with the colors produced, and not simply what gets displayed on the computer screen, before printing anything.

Only after you are entirely satisfied with the editings of the photograph send it for printing.

Most companies that produce canvas prints online, work with the highest quality Inkjet printers. Once it is printed, the printed canvas gets trimmed and extended to get fitted on a canvas framework.

Usually, individuals overlook the construction of the canvas framework as a component of this print-making procedure.

Best grade hardwood is used in canvas prints to guarantee that the canvases don’t crack or wrinkle after a couple of decades.

Last but not least, the most critical element is attaching the photo print on canvas. When the canvas gets stretched tight, it must be aligned well with the frame and stapled to it. 

What are the perks and downsides of Canvas Photo prints?

It should be noted that canvas prints aren’t weatherproof. But much like with framed photographs, you may weatherproof them by adding a protective coating, such as plexiglass with a frame or plastic wrap. Its appearance, on the other hand, might be compromised by this.

Compared to most framed pictures, canvas prints are often costlier. In any case, they’ll survive way longer and make a great addition to any family’s or artist’s collection.

Canvases are suited to be displayed anywhere- homes, offices, galleries, museums, etc., while framed prints are just more suited for houses or offices. As a result, a canvas print is a remarkable method to display your photographic abilities in any setting.


  • Versatile
  • Suited for all sorts of photographs, including collages, portraits, etc.
  • Glare-free
  • Cheap in comparison to other forms of printing (Sometimes even cheaper than framed photographs, particularly when extremely high-quality frames are used.)


  • Not weather-proof
  • Extreme hard to DIY

Conclusion: The overall difference between Framed Prints & Canvas Prints

If you do not care so much about quality, a framed photo print could be ideal for you. And if you make a sensible decision about the type of framing material instead of going for something extravagant, it could save you a lot of money. 

However, if you are a photographer or appreciate good photographs, then adding a few Canvas photo prints to your collection could enrich your as well as your business’s portfolio. 

Considering the excellence and caliber of Canvas prints, we can confidently conclude that they are by far the most ideal showcasing photographs in an elegant way that catches the attention of its viewer. It is something every photo print lover must consider.

If you are not so familiar with Canvas printing, you can easily find online canvas printing companies that can guide you throughout the process.

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