Top 5 Challenges of Cyber Security to Watch in 2021

The pandemic of Covid-19 has created a new playground for hackers. The sudden transformation of businesses from in-house office work to remote working has exposed cyber vulnerabilities and a lack of preparation.

As per the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2021, “cyber risks continue ranking among global risks.”

In response to this evolving threat, many organizations have fortified security solutions for businesses and fast-tracked their digital transformation services initiatives. According to Gartner’s research; “the market of information security will increase to 170.4 billion dollars in 2022.”

This rises more the need for Cyber solutions and Information Security services for your business. It is essential to elevate cybersecurity as a strategic business matter and create more corporations among business leaders, industries, policymakers, and supervisors. Like any other strategic social challenge, cybersecurity couldn’t be addressed in silos.

Let’s see the top 5 cybersecurity challenges that need to be dealt with right solutions, to assist corporates to cope with the board-level data breaches in this pandemic era;

Increased social engineering attacks

Social engineering refers to a non-technical strategy that depends on human interaction and usually includes misleading people into rupturing standard security practices. This trend is set to increase in the upcoming year. According to Microsoft, “the social engineering attacks have raised to 20,000 to 30,000 a day in the U.S.”

This is an alarming situation, as criminals gain more and more financial success, they will expand their engineering procedures and techniques. The social engineering attacks like phishing, fraudulent communications, and pretexting will become more common and dangerous.

Network detection and response can help your organization to handle such situations efficiently. There is a huge range of companies offering cyber security solutions in Pakistan for handling your cyber threats and keeping your business safe from them.

Increasing Rate of Mobile Malware

Mobile malware is going to be a big threat this year, as it purposely targets the mobile operating systems and then, disrupts their performances. The main reason for this is the non-secure usage of URLs over internet networks and Wi-Fi. According to the 2021 Mobile Security Report, “threats linked to mobile malware are faced by 97% of businesses from different hosts claiming to offer next-level security to your existing cellular networks.”

This problem needs to be fixed as we cannot ignore the vulnerabilities associated with them. You need to consult a reputed Application security solutions provider who can guide you and protect your network and mobile devices from such threats.

Internet of Things (IoT) Attacks

The usage of IoT devices is trending these days because of their durable reaction-time and the minor cost in processing the qualities of cloud technology. While these devices are known for their intelligence and convenience, it’s evident that it opens up more prospects for hackers to take benefit of networks.

Companies need to stay ahead by implementing application security testing and a stable cybersecurity infrastructure as the world is getting more and more interconnected.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Attacks

The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain has increased over the past few years. As these crypto transactions are digital, it’s natural that you need the help of a cyber security company in Pakistan. Only this way you can protect yourself against security breaches, identity theft, and other potential threats. The last thing a crypto exchange company dealing with blockchain or cryptocurrency wants is for any data to become compromised.

Lack of Cyber Security Expertise

Ransomware is among the fastest increasing cyber threats and Covid19 has intensified this threat. Businesses that lack actively accepting the importance of cybersecurity infrastructure are more likely to get affected. This should be at the top priority for business owners to take advantage of  cyber security company in Pakistan for the speed, flexibility, scale, and resilience that digitalization promises.

Businesses should also understand that mobility is something implicit in this modern technology workforce. Security by default and by design are getting essential to success. So, it is crucial to plan for the estimated tenure of expert professionals and identify the long-term advantages that will grow from the repute for promoting this expertise, transferred from experts to novices entering the field.

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