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Check Out the Yamaha Scooty Everyone Is Talking About

Yamaha has two very popular 125cc scooters: the RayZR 125 and the Fascino 125. Both models have undergone several upgrades that put them on par with their competitors. A hybrid system is the focal point of Yamaha’s most updated versions of these scooters, which it claims offers improved performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Yamaha scooters are one of the most affordable scooters in the range of 125cc . The new Fascino 125 Hybrid is in the spotlight today – let’s see how it compares to the RayZR 125:

Hybrid Engine

The Fi-Hybrid variant maintains the same horsepower figure but adds an electric motor of Yamaha’s Smart Motor Generator (SMG) to increase torque by 0.7Nm. We confirm that the brand charges a little extra for this hybrid technology, but it’s worth it because it works as expected. Yamaha Says that this added scooter power from the electric motor makes the scooter accelerate faster. When moving from a standstill, the SMG mechanism can speed up the engine so that the lag triggered by the ICE engine is bridged. 

Features and styling

The Fascino 125 is Yamaha’s redesigned version of the previous scooty’s design, which isn’t necessarily bad. Depending on how you look at it, you’ll either like the scooty’s design language or walk away. In our opinion, the design and Yamaha scooty price are interesting and mature over time. As the test progressed, it definitely grew on consumers.

Several features stand out, such as the inverted triangle headlamp and the chrome embellishments along the apron and tail section, which extend further than expected. If you stand close to the scooter, it is impossible to see the top half of the number plate because the tail sticks out so far. 

Hybrid Features

Regarding features, the new scooter has a digital instrument cluster. This is a great upgrade over the previous model, but it is still brand or basic. There are only a few key things on it — speed, odometer, fuel meter. The system can geo-track, record your riding history, and activate the hazard lights, featuring Yamaha’s Bluetooth Connect X connectivity. While it offers turn-by-turn navigation, it lacks incoming call and message notification features.

Engine and performance

Yamaha also developed a new 125 cc scooty engine with a handy starter-motor generator for a silent start and the newly developed chassis (more on that later). The fuel-injected engine’s power and torque figures (8.2hp and 9.7Nm) are not impressive and significantly lower than its direct competitors, including TVS, Suzuki, and Aprilia. The Yamaha’s power-to-weight ratio – i.e. kerb weight of 99kg – makes it stand out; 125 cc scooty that weigh under 100kg are hard to come by these days!

Ride and handling

Its low-speed ride is one of the areas where the new Fascino 125 falls short. In terms of suspension, the telescopic fork and mono shocks are on the firm side of the scale. As a result, the ride is neither harsh nor comfortable at low speeds.

Despite its decent braking performance, the Yamaha Fascino’s front disc also fails to impress. It is true, however, that the optional front disc does not have the same bite and sharpness as the standard one.


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