Suction Toothbrush

How to Choose Suction Toothbrushes For Proper Oral Hygiene

Suction toothbrush is an oral suction device used in the removal of thick mucus and oral secretions from the lungs. Designed to attach a suction tube aspirator directly to the back of the throat and oral cavity to dislodge the thick mucus in the throat and mouth. Suction toothbrush is very useful in the treatment of post nasal drip, as it helps to drain out secretions that get stuck in the sinuses and nasal linings. Suction Toothbrush helps to wash away bacteria that gets accumulated in the tonsils. Plaque and calculus that collect inside the tonsils are a major cause of bad breath and a major symptom of halitosis.

Plaque and calculus build up in the tonsil crypts and end result in bad breath. To eliminate this problem toothbrush must be properly cleaned and disinfected with a suitable mixture of water and liquid detergent to which a small amount of baking soda is added. Brushing with proper oral hygiene toothbrush helps to clean and remove debris from between the teeth and from between the bristles. Properly fitted and using suction toothbrush can help to clean out tonsillitis and calculus from between the teeth and from between the bristles.

The suction toothbrush consists of two main parts namely the brush head and the suction tube. The brushing head is made of soft nylon mesh that prevents the force of brushing against rough surfaces of the teeth and thus provides comfort to the user. Litter brushes and water fountains are often attached to the toothbrush head for providing additional brushing while cleaning the teeth. The nylon brush bristles are very soft hence scraping is not possible and thus the bristles do not damage the surface of the teeth or any internal structures like the tonsils or the sinus membrane.

Suction Toothbrush

How regularly brushing can prevent you from oral health problems

It is believed that people who do not brush regularly are more prone to oral health problems. Regular brushing helps to remove bacteria and plaque from between the teeth and on the gum line. By doing so you reduce the risk of cavities. There is an increased risk of developing cavities if you are a smoker. Therefore it is advisable to quit smoking to reduce your risk to a large extent.

Suction toothbrush works in a unique way to prevent closed suction system that eliminates plaque and prevents cavities. The brushing bristles of suction toothbrush are made of a special fiber that does not damage the surface of the teeth or any internal structures like the tonsils or sinuses. This unique method of brushing removes plaque with the help of suction that is completely safe and free from any form of side effects.

One can find many types of tooth gel toothpastes in the market today. These types of products ensure that you have a proper oral hygiene and also helps in removing the harmful bacteria that cause decay to the tooth surface. It is essential that you brush your teeth at least twice daily so as to reduce the chances of developing cavities and plaque. You should try and brush the tooth twice using a normal toothbrush head and then after that you can switch to using the suction toothbrush. By using this type of brush head, you will be able to effectively remove the bacteria without causing any damage to the surface.

Suction Toothbrush

Uses of electric suction toothbrush for periodontal patients

Most dentists suggest the use of electric suction toothbrush for those suffering from periodontal diseases. This is because these devices help in cleaning the closed suction system, the gum line and loosening up plaque and tartar that are stuck in the crevices of the teeth. You can also purchase a rotary toothbrush which is quite effective for cleaning the inner cheeks as well as the back of the throat. It is important that you clean your tongue properly using a soft toothbrush especially if you are allergic to certain oral hygiene products. You can simply use your electric suction toothbrush to clean out the back portion of the tongue as well as the rear teeth of your tongue. Electric toothbrush helps you get rid of dental plaque and also prevents the development of gingivitis.

There are many types of tooth gel that you can use. However it is advisable that you use a fluoridated toothpaste to prevent the occurrence of dental cavities. Fluoride is known to strengthen the enamel and also prevents the occurrence of decay. Using a chlorhexidine mouthwash and a suction toothbrush is the best means to floss and brush your teeth properly. For more information about suction toothbrush, log on to



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