Why commercial cleaning is more important during a pandemic

It has been a tradition to keep your workplace clean, especially during flu season. But, since COVID-19 arrived, this has become a more pressing issue.

The virus has brought restrictions, snap lock downs and forced closures to businesses.

Many business owners feel the effects of the virus.

Here is where we come in.

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Cleanliness during COVID-19 is an essential line for defense

COVID-19 is a new threat to common transmittable diseases. Commercial cleaning has been an integral part of protecting your business, customers, and staff. COVID-19, which is spread by air droplets and can often be infectious without symptoms, has turned the tables on cleaning and forced nearly every industry to reevaluate their practices. Take-out became the norm in cafes and restaurants, while offices were forced to send workers home by the truckload. Hospitals stopped accepting visitors. Soon, notices reminding you to use a face mask and how to wash your hands were appearing on every business’ windows and doors.

These things have become the norm almost two years later. It’s no longer shocking to see people in face masks. Businesses are adapting and opening up with the knowledge that this virus won’t go away soon. Understanding how the virus spreads is an essential part of living in a pandemic environment and ultimately seeing it end.

COVID-19 is a virus that has many names. You may have heard it called Coronavirus Disease, Novel Coronavirus, New Coronavirus, or SARS-COV-2. However, they all refer the same coronavirus strain that affects the respiratory system. COVID-19 is most commonly characterized by coughing, shortness, fever, muscle pain, and distinctive loss of taste or scent. Patients may experience severe cases of COVID-19, including gastrointestinal problems, strokes, blood clots and rash.

COVID-19 is not a cure. Doctors and infectious disease specialists are learning more about it every day. The virus is so dangerous and easily spreadable because some people don’t feel any symptoms during their infectious period. Asymptomatic carriers have the potential to spread the disease quickly, so any place where people gather can be a risk. This is your responsibility if you are involved in this business. You must ensure that surfaces are cleaned, gathering areas are separated, and that deep cleanings are done regularly to prevent an outbreak from occurring.

It is essential to be informed as an employer, manager, or business owner. here is a great resource. Safe Work Australia has a wealth of information about cleaning requirements across many industries. They also answer your COVID-19 and cleaning questions. These requirements are well-known to our cleaners, who follow them to the letter in order to make sure your business is compliant and avoid costly closures.

Protect Your Business’ COVID…

COVID-19 spreads through microscopic droplets. It can be transmitted by laughing, speaking, or breathing. Droplets of fluid can be made from us all and contain many pathogens or viruses. The virus can spread to others if these droplets are in contact with their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Coronavirus strains can be spread by finer breath aerosols. They can travel farther than normal droplets and linger in the air for longer periods of time. Scientists are still trying to understand why this happens, but it is best to be cautious with social distancing and protective gear like gloves and face masks.

Businesses such as daycare centres, aged-care facilities, busy offices and shopping centres are at risk because people can do all the right thing and still spread the disease. OZAPs’ commercial cleaners will provide a critical line of defense to keep your business COVID free. You also get all the benefits of a clean, sanitized work environment.

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You can prevent COVID from spreading in commercial spaces by hiring a professional cleaner.

      • Follow the Safe Work Australia guidelines
      • Personal protective equipment (PPE), should always be readily available for staff and customers in case they need it
      • At the front of your store, list the proper hand washing and PPE requirements
      • Check in with ease using the COVID Safe Check-In Tool
      • Employees should communicate openly with each other about how to address customers who aren’t wearing or unwell PPE, what your requirements for their PPE usage and why it is important to stay home if they don’t feel well.
      • Use approved disinfectants to clean and disinfect surfaces as often possible
      • Properly dispose of any used PPE.
      • If your business has been potentially or contaminated, be prepared to do a 24-hour deep clean and blow out.
      • Follow the industry-specific guidelines provided by your state government

COVID-19 is a very dangerous and delicate topic. You cannot be too cautious. Your business runs the risk of people getting sick. You may also lose profit due to forced closures and fines. This could impact your reputation.

OZAP Cleaning is different…

OZAPs’ team is ready to help you embrace the new norm for your business. Commercial cleaning is not just about making your space look great, but also to keep it safe for everyone to use and enjoy. Our certified cleaning professionals are available to help your business fight COVID-19. So that your business can continue running as it should, our cleaners will provide the necessary tools and experience to tackle the problem.

Regular scheduled cleanings by well-trained cleaners with extensive experience, scrupulous attention and high-quality training will ensure that your staff are safe and help keep Australia running smoothly.

You won’t believe what we can do. We’ll clean places you didn’t know were dirty. Our commercial cleaning services are the best we can do.

To cross off your daunting list of COVID-19 cleaning needs, let OZAP cleaning company keep your business safe.

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