6 Common VPN Problems and How to Fix Them

VPN is an effective tool for browsing anonymously with your current data plan. We have a variety of VPN applications to avail of, however, apart from the supreme abilities of the VPN tool, it can crash sometimes. A VPN problem can restrict your access to the sites of your choice. It is an annoying issue that needs a quick solution. In this post, we have briefed the common VPN problems occurring while using the tool. The solutions we suggest here for VPN issues are comprehensive and can help you in rectifying any problems with your Virtual Private Network.

Most Common VPN Problems Now

While connecting to a VPN, your VPN may encounter a variety of operational issues. These glitches may spoil your experience with the tool. Following are the most common VPN problems to rectify.

  •       Firewall Settings
  •       VPN Crash (Not Working)
  •       Download, Install, Update VPN Client
  •       Interference between old and new VPN settings
  •       Failure to connect with the server
  •       Restricted internet access

Solutions for the Common VPN Problems

All the VPN issues have some unique solutions to use. You can solve all the problems in your private network tool with these remedies.

Reboot the VPN Apps

Sometimes you can resolve the VPN failure simply by restarting it. Just terminate and start the program again to experience all the features of Virtual Private Network tools. You can also try restarting the device if the problem continues.

Check and Clear Residues of Previous VPN Versions

The leftovers of your older private network tools can crash your current VPN software. You can clear the residues of the previous versions to make your current VPN work better. If you have two versions of the VPN tool, try uninstalling the unwanted software.

Update Your VPN

Keeping your VPN tool up to date can make the software work better. Always check for new versions of the applications for making them perform with full efficiency. Make sure that you accept all the update requests of the tool to keep it up to date.

Try Changing the VPN Server

Virtual Private Network tools can connect you with different types of servers. If the traffic in the selected server is high your VPN tool may not work properly. Changing the server to which your device is connected can sometimes resolve the glitches in the VPN.

Check your Firewall Settings

The Firewall protection available in your Windows can monitor and restrict all the incoming connections to your device. In some instances, the firewall setting of your computer can restrict the VPN tool from connecting to the virtual server. Disabling the Firewall settings temporarily can resolve the issues with your VPN tool.

Terminate All the Running Applications

Your device should be capable of running multiple applications to ensure the flawless operation of your VPN software. When your virtual private network software crashes, it may be due to the error in the device for running multiple applications. Try closing all the other applications while using a VPN to resolve the errors in the app connectivity.

Systweak VPN

Systweak VPN is the best private browsing tool available for you. The application can let you surf through the internet with ultimate privacy and anonymity. You can skip censor restrictions and access all your favourite websites without any location constraints with the help of this software. The private browsing tool can offer you cutting-edge security technology for securing your online activity.


  •       Ultimate security and privacy
  •       Capable of bypassing ISP throttling
  •       Can provide safe server environment
  •       4500+ Servers in 200+ locations around 53+ countries
  •       Good ability to open regionally restricted content
  •       Can protect your Wi-Fi connection


  •       Only Available for Windows
  •       Longer connection time


The Systweak VPN tool has a lot of attractive abilities to explore. A few of them are as follows!

Accessing Universal Content

You will not be able to access the web content of different countries due to territorial restrictions. The Systweak VPN application will allow you to bypass these limitations by connecting to a virtual server. You can browse through any content from any country using this feature of the gadget.

Open VPN

The Systweak VPN is available with OpenVPN and Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKev2) that can enable us to access all content available online. This ability of the tool will help us in bypassing the filters and firewall restrictions of the site.

Speed and Security

Systweak VPN offers access to over 4500 servers in 200+ locations around 53+ countries that offers high-speed connectivity. IKEV2 also helps you with good speed and responsiveness.

Privacy and Safety

Systweak VPN can protect your privacy and personal information. The AES 256-bit military-grade encryption can offer you ultimate security and safety. All your online activities are protected with the encryption of the tool.

Kill Switch

Got interrupted while using your VPN? No need to worry. Systweak VPN has a dedicated kill Switch when the connection fails. You can use the kill switch to secure your online data and personal information during connection failure.


The tool is compatible with almost all types of Windows operating systems. You can use Systweak VPN with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and Windows 7 devices.

Bottom Line

VPNs are a smart tool for browsing privately and for accessing global content. There are dozens of VPN clients available with different features, plans and services. You may face a few common VPN problems with the freemium versions. The Systweak VPN can help you in accessing any global content or websites anonymously. Get access to global streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and other content without any ISP restrictions. Common VPN problems are not your concerns anymore with Systweak VPN. Keep it Safe!

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