Comparing The Pros And Cons Of Online Exams

The examination is a very common way of finding out the subject knowledge of students. But due to certain conditions these days, an online exam system is being adopted in every college or university. Exams, online or offline have their pros and cons. Still, many institutes believe in pen and paper exams which is the traditional way. But, many global changes are forcing people to look at the educational system differently.

Looking at another way, online exams help in many ways, because technology is improving day by day. With the advancements of technology online has become the standard way of course evaluations

Comfortable environment

Online exams have a great impact on the environment, in other words, online exam helps in reducing pollution and the wastage of pen and paper. As we know, pen and paper exams require so much printing, the bulk of papers, pens, and other materials. Also, they need a lot of human efforts like distributing carbon footprint sheets, question papers, and transferring exams from one location to another. In very simple words, online exams are considered much environment friendly, and easy to carry out.

Saves a lot of costs

Well, you may not notice it but having online exams help you save you many costs which are not possible with physical exams. As it is purely online you will not need any printing costs or other types of logistic costs. It can also save money that we spend on examiners, invigilators or many kinds of facilitators. There’s no doubt that online exam also needs some effort and costs like internet connection, laptops, computers, and online proctoring but these costs are dramatically less than the pen and paper exams.

Online exams help in saving time

We know any IT-related things, be like online exams or online lectures require less time compared to other types of physical exams. But it saves time as you don’t need to go to the institutes or the exam locations. So, it saves a lot of traveling time. Also, waiting for your exams to be handed to you, etc are also some things that take time.

Especially online exam help in various ways as now teachers don’t have to spend hours marking papers, checkings, and rechecking. Students can get fair results quickly on the spot. Also, any kind of issue would be resolved very quickly because teachers now would have access to all the papers all at once.

Indulged into technology

Technology has helped us in thousand ways and we can’t help but thank you. Not just with the social life but it has made education easy and efficient. Setting up exams physically takes days of hard work but with online exams, it has become effortless. One great advantage of online exams is that the more students get into it the more they learn about the topic and feel connected to it.

Students can’t cheat or get away with it

Any kind of exam has security issues, be like medical or bar exams all of them have major challenges. But with the online system, there are absolutely zero chances that one can cheat or leak any kind of information about the question paper. Online systems keep exam information very much confidential. Also, with online exams, answer sheets can’t go missing during printings or Logistics. A teacher can use question banks while setting the paper this means question papers will not be the same for every student this eliminates the chances of cheating. This is one great benefit in ensuring safe examinations.

It is easy it is convenient

Online exams help in sorting our many factors, which is one great advantage. Also, by using such question banks, or other database systems, teachers can easily use such exam systems and upload them on examination portals. It is also beneficial to students as they can choose their favorite time slots that fit them well and can give exams from anywhere.

Students don’t have to wait for results, as they will get instant results which is an intelligent way. As defined already this exam doesn’t need extra effort so it is really easy for not just the teachers but the administration as well.

Since we have defined all the benefits of online exam help here are some disadvantages that might occur. Which is surely a case.

Technology challenges

We know conducting exams virtually can have many benefits and it is a plus point that technology helps in conducting online exams. But it may have a few challenges as old or veteran learners are not really computer literate and they can’t tackle this situation very well. In these conditions pen and paper, exams are much beneficial. Also teaching them can waste time and this will be helpful for others. Teaching them may not yearn may benefit.

Infrastructure issue

One issue of online exams is not having good access to the technology, every computer, tablet or standard pc requires a healthy internet connection. So, this can be hard for rural areas where internet connection is a big issue. These problems can limit students learning in such areas, on one hand, online exams are making their way on the other hand such issues are negating many advantages of this system. If infrastructure is resolved, the online examination can make a way for many people and can reduce costs.

Grading may not be the same

Instant grading can prove to be a great benefit for online exams, but it does not mean every exam will be as quick as it seems. Some exams require longer answers and most creative thought processes. You can not only read but grade yourself with such answers. If you are an expert of artificial intelligence and know-how to work with it only then you can get the benefit of auto-grading.

Students might cheat

Exams are online or offline students always cheat and it is a very common issue. Even with the advancement of technology, you can’t stop them. One disadvantage with online exams is that they are much vulnerable to cheating because students can share screens or stick notes on their laptop screens. Even in most cases they would copy from the internet, search for answers while attempting exams, etc.

Collaborative activities, different evaluations, and group projects

Exams are not the same type simply answering or multiple choice. Sometimes exams need various evaluations and other collaborative activities like designing group projects, vocational exams, and other certain activities you can’t take online. Virtual exam can’t fulfil such requirements and in these conditions, online exams is not an option.

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