Complete Guide on Ford Focus Performance Back Box

The performance back box for Ford Focus is installed in the vehicles as they make the exhaust system sound more quitter subtly. In this article, you will see a detailed guide about the performance back box for Ford Focus and why it is installed in the vehicles as a replacement for the factory exhaust systems.

How to Buy the Best Ford Focus Performance Back Box?

Are you looking for the iconic looks for your Ford focus with deep sound? If yes, then you must have a good exhaust system in your mind. Replacing the factory exhaust with the new performance exhaust is not an easy task to do by an unprofessional technician. It requires good equipment with enough knowledge. Because of the lots of options available, it gets more difficult to decide which one should you buy. Before going to buy an exhaust system, you need to keep in mind that why do you need an exhaust system for your vehicle.

The second thing that you have to look at is the after benefits of installing an exhaust system. Know about the benefits a performance back box can give you if you are looking for the extra power or a growling sound from it. Various companies are manufacturing and installing the best Ford Focus Performance Back Box for vehicles. They manufacture a full range of stainless steel systems for the ford focus, which includes cat back and full turbo back aftermarket system. You will find a sports exhaust system as well for the MK2 ford focus ST225 and the MK2 RS.

The Ford Focus ST MK4 performance back box is made in 3-inch pipework and fits from the downpipe to the centre. It replaces the GPF exhaust section, and since it removes the GPF filter, it offers significantly louder and sportier sound. When you take your Ford Focus to the technician for the installation of the backbox, the performance exhaust system will come with all the relevant fittings and gaskets for better fitment.

What Does An Exhaust Back Box Do?

The exhaust back box is a rear muffler that limits the sound generated by the gas when it passes through the exhaust system. The backbox in a vehicle is located at the end of the exhaust line, and it is the common muffler on many cars. Usually, it can last for more than 80,000km, depending on the way you use it. However, it can also wear out faster if the car is not maintained or serviced for long enough. If you use your vehicle for shorter trips, the temperature of the vehicle’s backbox won’t get higher, which lead to condensation. This may cause corrosion between the parts due to the buildup of soot, and it results in a damaged backbox.

The backbox manufactured and designed for the Ford Focus vehicle is installed in the vehicle because it enhances the sound of the vehicle. They also change the look and quality of your vehicle with their fine and exclusive design. Now you can buy a back box for your Ford Focus to get the ultimate driving experience.

Can you Replace your Factory Exhaust System With a Performance Back Box?

You can now easily replace your Ford focus exhaust system with a brand new custom exhaust system. You will see the difference it makes in the sound and performance of your engine. The backbox is different in design, and the custom exhaust system is built to maximise the exhaust flow in the vehicle. It also minimises the backpressure within the exhaust system and frees the power trapped within the engine. You will find the finest range of back boxes for your Ford Focus, with which you can anticipate the power gains for up to 10%. The companies selling back boxes also have a wide range of performance catalytic converters, headers, mufflers, and tips. You can use it alongside your back box for an additional gain of 10 to 20 horsepower.


The performance backbox is the common muffler in many vehicles. This system is designed for vehicles to limit the sound of the gas. The gas, when passes through the system, create a loud noise which is controlled with a rear muffler called a back box.  

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