Create Trendy Islamic Abaya to Look Modest and Elegant

When it comes to selecting an abaya, style, color, and cut are all significant considerations, but the most critical consideration is the quality of the cloth itself. If you’re going to be wearing an abaya all day, every day, you don’t want to wear one that’s uncomfortable.

When it comes time to purchase an abaya, ladies are sometimes perplexed by the many textiles available. Fortunately, Fabriclore has put together a complete list of all the abaya fabrics, along with their characteristics, quality, and estimated values.

I guarantee that after reading this article, you will have all the fabric knowledge you need for your next abaya purchasing trip.

Dress out of georgette 

Abayas may also be made from georgette, which is another prevalent fabric. In contrast to Nada Korean fabric, which is softer and more breathable, this is a touch denser and more opaque. For this reason, you’ll discover many abaya styles on the market created from georgette, which is also much less expensive.

Because it’s so simple to clean, you can count on it to last for a long time. 


The flax plant is used to generate the threads of linen fabric. As a more solid fabric than cotton, abayas produced with linen have a longer lifespan than those created from other materials. Linen abayas are a preferable option if you’re seeking a more casual abaya.

Besides being sturdy and long-lasting, this provides a number of other advantages, including comfort and absorbency. In hot climates like those found in the gulf states, this is ideal. Designed to keep you cool all day, this is perfect for the office or errands.


Crepe is a twisted-weave fabric made by fusing together two distinct types of threads. Because Pure Crepe is so slick and crease-free, you won’t need to iron it at all. Crepe, on the other hand, is a better fabric for body-hugging attire and may not be the best option for individuals looking for loose abayas.

This fabric is known for its draping style and gorgeous look. Abaya from this material would create a shiny yet aesthetic look with its stiff draping. For special occasions and days out, you can go for this material.


Despite its inability to be worn in hot weather, chiffon is often utilised to create formal elegant abayas. Thin, translucent Chiffon may be seen plainly because of its sheer nature. That’s why it’s important to get a Chiffon abaya with its lining included. In the case of maxi-style abayas, chiffon may be used to create flowing curtains.

Sheer quality and elegant look makes this fiber suitable for an outfit like abaya as this attire has a lot of clothing and it should not be heavy. 


Nada is without a doubt the best fabric for abayas. In terms of abayas, only Nada fabric can compete with the sumptuous feel and superior quality of these garments. Nada Fabric is the most common brand of abayas for sale online in Dubai. The fact that it is made entirely of polyester is what sets it out as a top-notch product. This implies that it will keep you cool even in the warmest conditions. The drapes and falls form beautifully because of the smooth feel of the fabric.


Single-knit jerseys are best suited for flexible garments like leggings and sweatshirts. The only time Jersey is used is for the ultra-slim abayas that only a select few wear.

Choose this if you want to get something for special occasions and events. This would not attract any unnecessary attraction.


You can be experimental and creative with your attire along with maintaining dress code in middle east countries. Choosing fabrics like linen, chifon, crepe and silk georgette would actually make your attire comfy and make you look stylish and modest. But remember to decorate your closet with some colorful and different kinds of abaya instead of following a particular one.

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