Merino Wool Clothing

Critical Benefits of Merino Wool Clothing

During the cold season, being clothed in the right gear for winter sports and activities is critical to having a good time. You will deal with whatever the weather throws at you in the right outfit. Thus you are guaranteed warmth, comfort, and staying dry. The natural wonder fiber is your ideal clothing material for the perfect winter gear. Basically, merino products are made from merino sheep’s wool, a breed popular in Australia and New Zealand. The unique properties of merino wool clothing make it perfect for outdoor activities. Check out the key benefits you will reap from wearing merino wool clothing.


Most people, especially women, love clothes that are breathable. Breathability entails how a fabric transfers moisture from a higher to a lower humidity area. An appropriate material should remove moisture from the layer between your garment and the skin, moving it to the surroundings every time moisture or heat is released. Breathability is essential to keep the wearer warmer, more comfortable, and dryer throughout. If you are looking for the best women’s wool collection, check this out.

Clothes made from merino wool are excellent as they can hold up to 30 percent moisture of their own weight but still maintain and feel dry.

Resilience and Strength

Who likes to purchase something that will get torn after a few washes and wears? Wool fibers highly resemble human skin, and their unique features aid in heating or cooling the body when need be. Merino wool fiber consists of interlocking protein molecules referred to as Keratin which is the same component that makes up human skin and hair. Consequently, wool fibers are pretty strong but still excellent at stretching, flexing, and bending in any direction. Also, they can return to their standard size and shape even after expanding.

Additionally, merino wool has a natural wave-like structure – the crimp, which drastically improves its resilience to stretch.

Heat Regulation

Have you ever been in clothes that suffocate you, especially when it is hot? Of course, you did not like the experience. Merino wool clothes allow you to stay cool in summer and warm during winter. When cold, the crimp in the wool traps heat while wicking moisture away from the skin. When hot, the fabric allows moisture to evaporate, creating a cooling effect on your skin.

Comfortable to Wear

In the past, merino wool was believed to cause an itching effect on the wearer’s skin. However, this is all gone now as technology has allowed this fabric to be developed in the most efficient way. Besides, this fabric entails merino fibers that are more flexible, softer, and smaller. Thus, they bend against the skin, expelling itches. Also, this fabric’s fibers are more conform and elastic when worn, making them more comfortable and agile during an activity.

Amazing Fun Facts About Merino Wool Clothing You Need to Know

  • They provide sun protection
  • They are naturally static resistant
  • Are quick drying
  • They are naturally flame resistant
  • Are biodegradable
  • They are moisture wicking

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