Crochet Bunny Patterns for Beginners

Crochet Bunny Patterns for Beginning

Here you will find the best free crochet bunny patterns. I enjoy crocheting amigurumi crochet toys, especially bunny rabbits since they are so adorable. I like how you can modify the look of a bunny by adding a different facial expression, and eyes, or making it for a boy or a girl.

Two of my favourite free crochet bunny patterns are a smallish charming bunny and a huge skein wonder. Flopsy rabbit with long legs and arms.

I’m usually crocheting easter gifts for their kids, and I just produced a cute bunny bag with long ears and a drawstring closure, since the older the kids become, the more they run around and the eggs they collect fall out, so I devised a solution. The Bunny Bag is a free crochet pattern for an Easter bunny bag.

During a talk about Easter with my niece, she asked me what the ‘Actual Bunny in Charge of Easter’ looked like. I was stumped, so here’s what she believes Mr Easter Bunny looks like: he gathers all the eggs for the bunnies and gives them lists of children to deliver their chocolate eggs.

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Crochet Patterns for Easter

My nephew has joined in for the first time and thinks his Mr Easter Bunny is the best. This is wonderful because before seeing Mr Easter Bunny, he claimed that all the fluffy bunnies were for girls….lol.

It was driving me insane looking for the cutest free rabbit crochet designs I could find! To be honest, some of them disappointed me with the end product, so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite rabbit and bunny patterns, ranging from floppy bunnies to charming and cuddly bunnies, so you may crochet a bunny rabbit for the kids this Easter.

I’ll keep adding more free rabbit and bunny patterns to this page as I find them.

As a result, I’ll be able to locate them quickly.

This is one of my favourite bunny crochet patterns ever; it’s adorable, it’s the perfect size for youngsters to hold and cuddle, and the pattern is simple to follow and can be finished in a variety of ways. This is one of my favourite Amigurumi Patterns because it was one of the first I tried, and the creator gives a helpful guide to help you produce the bunny face professionally.

This is the second most popular and requested Crochet Bunny. (As seen in the photo at the top of this page) The pattern is simple, and I really like how he/she turned out.

Yarnspirations has a cute bunny crochet pattern.

One skein of yarn was used to crochet this bunny rabbit! I adore him, and he’s so versatile that he’d be appropriate for either a boy or a girl. (as depicted in the first image)

These huggy Bunnies are perfect for babies; I’m going to create one and fill it with lavender for my mother-in-room! law’s

This is one of my favourites; it’s simple to create and appropriate for the little ones

Mr Easter Bunny (main PIC) was created using this pattern found on the Internet’s achieved pages. These adorable, real-life-like snuggling rabbits are also available as a free PDF download.

I switched out the ears, but that was the end of it.

Squeal! Mari-Liis Lille’s hilarious Bunny is one of my favourites (lilleliis)

On her blog, the pattern is available in numerous languages.

I’m planning to make this pattern because I really like it. It’s a Ravelry download, so you’ll have to sign up to get it, but it’s adorable. Rabbit Amigurumi Pattern for Free Jenny and Teddy have created this lovely Huggable Bunny for you.

If you’re looking for a last-minute Easter gift or want to learn how to make a bunny rabbit out of a square, this pattern is for you.

For the Little One’s first Easter, crochet this lovely Crochet Bunny Hat with long floppy ears and a crochet flower.

Why not complete the set with a diaper cover and booties?

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