It might be with a Tuck End Boxes! Our company, USA based in Luray Virginia offers custom packaging and printing cardboard boxes that come complete. We offer size specifications for customers who want their own unique design on our products as well any add-ons they wish like special handles or lids at no extra cost.

Get a free consultation and knowledge based on facts from our highly experienced staff, who are able to offer you different cardstocks (flexible than other forms of paperboard) as well as the most suitable options for your box so it can stand out in supermarket checkouts.

For food products packaging we also have Custom Boxes available that is customized according to individual needs without compromising upon quality or performance– ideal if there’s some specific details that need changing, whether it be size or color.

If you are looking for a Custom Boxes

We have the perfect one. From Tuck End Boxes to reverse tucks and more! We can make it right at your specifications with an amazing range of finishes that will match any product or branding needs – just let us know what’s up so our team knows where they need to go next when designing new surfaces in their factory here on site!

Our professional team of packaging designers and printers can create custom boxes that are the best in their industry. We start out with high-quality cardboard from recycled material, then apply natural ink to seal it off for a beautiful finish with an attention grabbing design both inside as well as outside your product lines. You wouldn’t want anything less than perfection when you’re trying get people’s attention these days!

The experts at International packaging offer cost effective products while maintaining state-of wide standards; we’ve got something perfect just waiting for YOU so contact us today before someone else does first.


We offer a one-stop shop for all your shipping needs. From consultation and design, through production and logistics we can take care of it on the spot – with no need to go anywhere else!

We understand that you might not know what goes into making an effective box or how artwork should look when displayed in such format so our highly experienced staff provides consultations starting from box type selection up until final product packaging (digital lockup included). With this knowledge combined within short period time frames thanks mainly due cooperation between partners experience is achieved quickly which saves money as well as increases business potential exponentially.


Tuck End Boxes is your one-stop shop for affordable packaging and shipping solutions. We’ll take care of the printing, box making or even just packing up a few items in an envelope – it’s all at our finger tips!

A quick chat online with us will give you peace of mind knowing that we’re here to help no matter what type of product (or quantity) needs assistance from start to finish; whether its large scale international shipments containing sensitive devices like smartphones & laptops OR smaller business marketing campaigns needing specific attention given their unique nature e grouped together into bundles depending upon size etc.


You don’t want to send out a box that’s too big or small – it can have negative consequences. The first thing you need are the dimensions of your product: length, width and height (or depth). If those seem unclear visit our knowledge base page on how-to measure for boxes!

One of the most important aspects in choosing a shipping box for your products is size. If you’re going to ship overseas or if it’s just local business, then mailer boxes will work best with their flat surface area and low weight limit (5 pounds). However, there are many other factors one must take into consideration when making this decision such as shape(s) and length/height allowed by law where they live; who else may have accesses these same rights- e.g., someone might not be able to fit through an open top but would still need some sort protection during shipment too. . Let us share some most used styles that can help you choose the fit style for the box.

  • 1-2-3 Bottom Boxes
  • Tuck End Auto Bottom
  • Sleeve and Tray Box
  • Seal End Auto Bottom Sleeve and Tray Box
  • Tuck End Cover
  • Full Flap Auto Bottom


Custom Design boxes provide a variety of extra garnishing options to make your box truly stand out. With customizable designs and customized shapes, you can put on anything from strawberries or raspberries all the way up through ice cream sundaes.

In addition we offer custom text engraving which makes it easy for customers like yourself who have big events coming up in their lives but don’t know what type of gift would be most appropriate- because let’s face it… nobody wants just any old thing at these types occasions . So not only will our skilled craftsmen craft an exquisite wooden box around whatever special occasion happens to be looming over anyone.

  • Spot UV
  • Foilings
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Fancy cutouts with PVC sheet
  • Metalized Printing


Custom Tuck End Boxes has a wide range of products to suit your needs. We will work with you on the design and specifications until we find something that is perfect for what you need, because at Tucked in Boxes our number one priority is customer service!

A lot goes into designing these boxes from different materials like aluminum or steel so there are no hidden costs – everything’s included in price as per request (and free if needed). There are also many features provided without extra fees:

  • No Die & Template Charges
  • Free Lamination
  • Free Shipping all across the globe
  • Free Graphic Support
  • Low minimum 50-Boxes
  • Free Consultation

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