Difference between Ortho mattress and Latex mattress

A good quality mattress is highly responsible for your good night sleep and in improving sleep quality. Therefore it is essential to take your time and choose the mattress that suits your sleeping requirements and preferences. Because of the wide range of options available in mattresses, finding the ideal mattress for you can be an intimidating task. Nowadays, most people are confused to choose between an orthopedic mattress and a latex mattress. So in this article, we are going to compare both of these mattresses that could be helpful for you to determine the best option.

But before the comparison, let’s know about the advantages offered by both latex and orthopedic mattress. A latex mattress can be helpful in providing body support, offers cooling properties, and is highly durable. On the other hand, ortho mattresses provide firm support to your body, relieves pressure and pain, and is good in regulating temperature.

How to choose between latex mattress vs. orthopedic mattress

While looking for a new mattress, both latex and orthopedic mattress could be excellent choices. Though, you must choose one that supports your requirements. If you are not having any health or medical concerns requiring support of specialists, you must opt for a latex mattress. On the other hand, an orthopedic mattress is a perfect choice for individuals that require support to relieve pain in particular areas.

When choosing between a latex mattress and an orthopedic mattress, a latex mattress should be a good option for sleepers opting for general sleep requirements. An orthopedic mattress is more suitable for individuals that require maintaining a neutral position of the spine while sleeping, or support for painful joints. Orthopedic mattresses have the ability to mould as per the shape of the body, helping in reducing pressure of joints and back, whereas in non-medical conditions, a latex mattress could be a suitable option.

Major Disadvantages of using a Latex Mattress

A number of people believe that a latex mattress is an excellent option. Though, it has many drawbacks that are required to take consider before buying one. Latex mattress is most appealing to people because of the firmness it offers. Though, sometimes a latex mattress is so firm that it becomes extremely hard, making it painful and uncomfortable for some people.  Because of this reason, a latex mattress becomes a poor choice for people having painful or weak joints.

The hard and responsive feel of a latex mattress is one of its major disadvantages, along with its higher price. When compared to an orthopedic mattress, the natural bounce and high responsiveness to the body weight of the sleeper, makes it painful for the joints and spine.

Why to choose an orthopedic mattress over latex mattress?

Being one of the greatest options for bed, an orthopedic mattress helps to get relief from back and joint pain, osteoporosis, and arthritis. A regular latex mattress is mostly firm, whereas ortho mattresses are firm at regions where more support is required. A proper orthopedic mattress is designed, manufactured, and tested by orthopedic surgeons and therapists. Urbanbed provides Ninjaback Orthopedic Mattress having multiple layers of adaptive foam providing enhanced comfort to the sleeper. The orthopedic support and better air flow also adds to the comfort.

There are many reasons why you should opt for an orthopedic mattress. It provides incomparable comfort, breathability, durability, and superior support. As a result, an orthopedic mattress provides multiple advantages including better posture, pain alleviation, and increased body support. The firmness offered by an orthopedic mattress allows your body to not sink into it, allowing a comfortable and deep sleep. The sturdy surface provides muscle relief, back support, and enhanced joint cushioning. The firmness also prevents indent forming while sharing the bed with someone else.

To conclude, an orthopedic mattress provides better support, comfort, breathability, and durability as compared to a latex mattress, making it a better option.

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