Different Eyelash Extension Styles For Your Eyes

Do you think only eyelashes extension can make your eyes look good? If I say that, like with various clothing styles, you get the multiple eyelashes extension styles, too. Yeah! No more press on or a press off lashes with only one size. You can get your customized style of eyelashes extension. Also, don’t think and worry about which kind suits me the most. Our lash artist will suggest the appropriate type for your eye.

Nothing attracts more than an eye. Make your personality decided by the style of your eye. What eyelashes do to your eyes is like what lipstick does to your lips. By giving a style to your lashes, you provide a mesmerizing look to your eyes. Please consult with a technician which kind of style suits you most as we don’t want you to look at your eyes and hate it for two to three weeks.

At Wisp Lashes, you will get the best and right style for your eyelashes extension suitable to you. Let’s look at how many different types of eyelashes you can try on :

 Doll Eyelashes Extension 

Doll Eyelashes Extension

Doll’s Eye style focuses on the middle of your eye with ‘long lashes’ and ‘short lashes’ in the eye’s inner and outer corner. It looks glorious when you want to make your eye appearance big. 

It is an ideal style for ‘wide-set’ and ‘downturned’ eyes to appear open and big. Also, it involves monolid, hooded, and almond eyes for a flattering and fresh look.

If your eyes are ‘very round,’ ‘protrude,’ and surprised, then this style is not recommended. It gives a ball-shaped and more open look to your eye. To make their eyes look brighter and more significant, celebrities like Jessica Alba and Megan Fox use this doll eyelashes style.

Cat Eyelashes Extension

Cat Eyelashes Extension

Cat Eyelashes are in trend to get glamorous and exotic eye looks. It focuses on the outside of the eyes with ‘longer lashes’ to give you an exotic and longer cat-like appearance. It is in demand as it provides a smoky and extended look to highlight their eyes. 

If your eyes are “round” or “close-set,” this style extension will make your eye look appear complete. Women with healthy natural eyelashes also find this cat-eye style as it spreads the thickness of natural eyelashes, which defines her eye more. It also helps in Lash lifting the little downturned eyes.

This style is not favorable to “wide-set” or “naturally turn downwards” and make the look exaggerated. Exotic eyes you see of Taylor swift and Angelena Jolie came with cat eyelashes extension.

Staggered Eyelashes Extension  

Staggered Eyelashes Extension

Staggered eyelashes extension is a mix of long and short lashes combined throughout the process. This style will give a “messy” and “staggered” look as its application is in graduated ‘spikes’ of lashes. If you want a dense appearance and create a volume for your lashes, then this is the right style for you. It gives you a full look.

However, it is not advisable for the ‘sparse and fine’ lashes as you don’t want a chaotic look. This look requires density to work with as it needs to apply loads. Also, it does not work well with classic and hybrid lashes.

The dramatic and dense eyes we see of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are staggered eyelashes extensions.

Natural Eyelashes Extension 

Natural Eyelashes Extension

Natural Eye is the dominant style of eyelashes extension as it gives the style a natural look. It looks realistic yet different from the usual crowd. This style is suitable for any eye shape.

This natural eye extension follows the natural lash line pattern and usually longer towards the ⅔ point of your eye. It tries to enhance your eye look without a sudden change of the eye look.  They are suitable for every eye shape and all lash types. Natural eyelash is a style extension for wearing every day. 

Women with ‘finer lashes’ can opt for this look as it adds a little length and thickness to lashes. To try for a soft natural volume looking extension, this is the excellent style for you. If you are keen to have a dramatic extension style, you can use another type of eyelashes style; this is not for you.

 Colored Eyelashes Extension  

Colored Eyelashes Extension

This extension style comes with drama. If you want a dramatic effect on your lashes, you are good to go. The colored look is your desire, and this extension will open your eyes to the whole new world. 

In this style, during the application process, colored lashes are applied.  A few eyelashes extension sprinkle here and there to create a color block to give a more dramatic effect. If you have the personality to carry forward and know well which color suits your eye most, it will be a great combo. Like, electric blue looks stunning with brown eyes, or purple works well with green eyes. Also, you can go out with a rainbow effect choosing a multitude of colors.

Moreover, not ideal for a job interview, a highly professional place, or you want just for a two-day occasion. It is an extension and will not come off quickly as you need to take care of lashes. It requires two to three weeks to fall out. False lashes are a better option than these.

Wrapping it Up

Let the world know that not only in clothing style, but you have excellent taste in eyelashes extension style also. Be unique and feel gorgeous when you look at your eyes.

Wisp Lashes are here, so you don’t need to wait any longer. Wisp Lashes are known for its highly professional and quality service with style and care of eyelashes extension. With your dreamy eyelashes look and variety of different types of lashes, we are here to make you stand out in a crowd. From a natural look to the dramatic colored eye look, we will give you a different style most suitable to you. 

We are here to give you an eye-catching look with detailed tips for lash extension care.

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