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Do You Think That Gorilla Glass is The Future of Auto Glass in Broken Arrow?

Everybody knows that the automotive industry is evolving, and new technology ensures safety and efficiency for car owners. With the development in technology, windshield glass has also developed that, offers various benefits for drivers and passengers. This latest Auto Glass in Broken Arrow and other parts of the world is called Gorilla Glass. This durable, crystal-clear, and lightweight glass is a hot topic in the car industry. In case you have some questions related to gorilla glass, you can read below for better clarification. 

What is Gorilla Glass?

This is a chemically-treated glass that is used in smartphones, watches, and tablets and offers enhanced lightness, durability, and visibility. To offer the drivers some advantage, the car industry has also started to use this glass to make windshields. This type of glass is made by dipping the car glass into molten salt, which causes a chemical reaction where sodium ions are replaced by potassium ions. This treated glass acts like the middle layer of a laminated glass sandwich. The resulting windshield is light, thin, and very tough. 

Benefits of Gorilla Glass

Here are the top four advantages of using Gorilla Glass as Auto Glass (Broken Arrow)-

  1. Better safety- In the automotive industry, safety plays a major role. The gorilla glass is designed to improve the maneuverability of the car since it is light as compared to traditional windshield glass. It also offers better handling and braking efficiency. 
  2. Better efficiency- When traditional windshields are super heavy, gorilla glass is 40 percent lighter than the total weight of traditional glass. Because of the light-weight quality, it is better to install Gorilla Glass which can increase the car’s fuel efficiency and also helps in decreasing harmful CO2 emissions. 
  3. Better durability- The main cause of any windshield damage is the airborne objects and debris that are kicked up on the road. This nature of windshields is understood by the windshield techs. So, windshields that are made with Gorilla Glass are more resistant to cracking and shattering. It is also said that car owners with gorilla glass are 50 percent less likely to need a windshield repair or replacement. 
  4. Better visibility- Everybody can vouch for the fact that gorilla glass is free of distortion and offers a clear view. It offers better optical clarity, delivers a clearer view of the roads, and has brighter windows. 

Probability of windshield damage

Now, you must be wondering if gorilla glass is less likely to get damaged. The answer to this is a yes. 

  • Gorilla glass is more flexible as compared to traditional windshields. It is also better at resisting hail damage when you are driving at fast speeds.
  • This laminated car glass is also more durable when it is hit with gravel or blunt stones, so it is less likely to chip. 
  • This type of glass is more resistant to developing the type of cracks that spreads faster and needs full windshield replacement. 

Is gorilla glass shaping the automotive industry?

Gorilla glass is a special glass that is expected to make storm-resistant windows, electronics, and now windshields. For the automotive industry, this glass has acted as a revolution. This innovative windshield glass has helped in developing integrated navigation technology and advanced head-up displays. It also has enhanced clarity and touch-sensitive capabilities, which makes it perfect for auto glass. In the future, it is predicted that the glass will also have communication features. This type of glass is going to change the driving experience in the years to come because this glass can be operated like tablets and smartphones. 

To Sum It Up

Since the windshield of the car is a sensitive but very important component that helps in maintaining structural integrity, carmakers are trying their best to come up with better technology so that the windshield is protected. This was when they came up with the idea of using gorilla glass as an Auto Glass in Broken Arrow. The glass so far seems to be a success and helps in protecting the passengers and driver of the car from getting injured.

If the car windshield gets damaged anyhow, you should immediately get in touch with the best service provider in your area and get it fixed. So, try your best to protect your auto glass so that you don’t have to get the glass replaced with a new one. If you notice a slight crack on the surface of the glass, immediately take it to the service provider and get it repaired. This will save a lot of your time, money, and effort. Be a smart car owner and keep your car glass in the best condition.

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