Dream Bedroom Makeover: 10 Easy Tips & Tricks To Follow

Decorating one’s room has a charm of its own. The whole idea sounds fun. Participating in it creates homey feelings and the next level of ambience in a room.

Here, we will mention some easy tips and tricks that you could follow to give your room a dream makeover.

Start With The Simplest Thing; A Bed Sheet

The highlighting part of one’s room is always the bed. Its bed frame, headboard and footboard are visible to naked eyes. Therefore, these parts need to be carefully chosen but with more emphasis on the bed sheet that steals the show. One can adorn their bed with a king size deep fitted sheet or a loose fitted sheet to give them more draping. However, the comfort level provided by the bedsheet and its colours will help you decide the overall tone of your room.

Spill Colours Everywhere

Do not hesitate to follow the hue pallet you want in your room. You can incorporate the most colourful themes in your room. Go with vibrant shades of blues and oranges. For inspiration, you can see many French boudoirs manifesting a bold display of different shades. Entering a room that is so diverse from the rest of the house always makes one feel as if they have entered a utopian world

Decorating The Fifth Wall Of Your Room 

Do not be surprised! Every room has a fifth wall, also known as the ceiling. This wall needs something fancy or dreamy. So, whenever you fall into your bed you have something amazing to look at. You can choose to give the ceiling a colour that induces refreshment into every part of your body or go for a chic canopy by adding a beautiful medallion or a pendant. In contemporary homes, these additions are becoming increasingly popular. 


Furniture is to rooms what books are to a bookshelf. Though you can put all book genres on the bookshelf, an organised bookshelf will always appear tidy. It would make it easier for the reader to pick one of their choices. Thus, furniture should be carefully picked. It would avoid making your room look messy. Overall, the small furniture ensemble would be preferred because it would allow more breathability, air circulation and mobility in your room. Also, if you will play with brighter tones of wall paints, it is better to go for light furniture. 

Take Curtains Seriously  

Never ignore the importance of curtains. Apart from providing privacy from people and nature, these should also be your relief corners. You can always accentuate the aesthetics of the window area with the right choice of curtains. Whenever you slide away from these curtains, holding up a cup of coffee should always feel right. A small tip will be to not use bulky curtains if your room is already small. It would make your room look smaller than it is. Go for the light ones that make your room look spacious. The double dye curtains are the new fashion, and you can match these with your bed linen to make a fancy look. 

Brighten Up Your Room With Lights 

You may not always need abundant light. But make sure whenever you do, you have the means. Also, giving your bedroom a dream makeover means you will be constantly using this spot to take cosy pictures steaming with perfect Pinterest-like vibes. For such a plan, you need to have a lot of light to do justice to the effort that you have made into making a room feel like your own. 

Make The Floor A Treat For Your Eyes And Feet

Adorn the floor with beautiful rugs.  The patterns never go out of fashion. Select the most intricate patterns with a splash of colours and spread the rug in the centre of your room. We do not recommend using deep pile carpets or wall to wall carpeting because they could be way too indulgent an investment and not necessary. You can always play with patches and lay them on the floor to bring out the power of beautiful patterns on rugs and other fabrics. 

A Personalized Corner

If you are already working on remodelling your room, never forget to decorate a corner that is your personalised corner. It could be a set of motivational quotes in one of the closets or souvenirs placed on the shelf. Treat yourself as best as you can.  

Carve Out a Shelf for Your Collections

There must be something that you always collect. Be it books, or perfumes, make sure that you have a place where you can showcase your preferred collection. 

Storage; The More the Merrier 

Always aim at having as much storage in your room as possible. More storage means you can always rely on storing your necessities in your room and not go for the storeroom. Moreover, the large storage option helps you keep your room crystal clean.  


A room is a personal space, and you can go to any lengths to decorate it the way you want. Make sure that you do it so that your room becomes the place from where you derive inspiration and motivation to do better in life.

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