Facebook confirmation code not received error

Facebook is a very famous online social media platform used by a number of people. Over a million of users use Facebook daily and log in to it. People use this social media platform to connect with each other and share their own life moments and other things with their Facebook friends. Facebook has a variety of features like texting, sharing photos, videos and putting up stories also. All these features are the reason that a huge number of people use this social media platform. 

Facebook is also concerned about our privacy and the security of our Facebook account and hence it also has a feature called 2- factor Facebook security, which is turned on by the users to get a verification code either on their phone number or their email address to confirm your identity and protect your privacy. But there are many users who are facing the problem of Facebook confirmation code not received. There are many reasons because of which this problem might have occurred like incorrect details, spam mailbox, etc. In this article, we will look into the ways by which we can solve our problem and can use Facebook without any disturbance and even can get the code at a time to secure our account. we hope that the tricks we provide you with will help you fix your error. 

Ways to try to fix the faulty error of confirmation code –

  • Double-check the phone number 

The first and the most basic thing the users must try are to check whether they have entered the phone number correctly or not. It should be the phone number you have access to and also, you must have the phone number or the device which has the phone number with you so that you can get the code quickly. 

  • First, you have to go the Facebook and then look for the settings option. 
  • Once, you find it you now have to navigate the General section. 
  • In the general section, you will find the contacts section, in that section, you will see the phone number you have entered. 
  • Check the number and if it is wrong you can correct it from there and then save it.
  • You can also try to first remove the number and then add it again to enable the feature to send text messages. 


  • Have to enable the setting of sending text messages

It can happen that the text messaging feature is not enabled for your account. This feature might not have been enabled automatically so you have to do it manually. 

    • In Facebook go to the Mobile section from the menu bar on the left.
  • You will have an option saying “Enable text messaging” you have to hit that button to fix the Facebook confirmation code error. 

  • Have a look at your Facebook email 

If you are receiving the code on your email address then, you have to check your Facebook mail. You must have the access to the email that you have entered in the Facebook details while creating the Facebook account. Now, once you are in the email, you have to check all the mails boxes including the spam folder sometimes the emails are there in the spam folder, so you can check that folder too. 


  • Can report about the bug or the error you are facing

If none of the above ways is helping you, then you can send a complaint about Facebook not sending code

  • You can send the error message using the link, https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/283958118330524 
  • Now, you have to enter the name of the carrier you are using, the phone number you used to register for the Facebook account, you should have that phone number with you. 
  • The next thing you are supposed to fill in the name of your country. And, then move forward for the Additional information section. 
  • In that section, you have to fill up your issue that is Facebook not sending SMS confirmation codes to the mobile numbers. 
  • After filling in the reason you have to click on the Send button and send your complaint. 


  • Signal issues on your device

Now, if your mobile device is not in the area with a good signal connection or internet connection then you won’t be able to receive the confirmation code on your mobile number.

Sometimes the case can be different like you have requested for the confirmation code but you didn’t receive the code in the time limit given by Facebook which is shown on the screen but you will receive the code after a moment like after 5 minutes or after 10 minutes, this can happen because of the signal issues, the code will be received whenever your device gets the signal and then the code is received. 

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