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Features of IVF in the natural cycle!

However, unfortunately, due to many factors, often the desired pregnancy does not occur for too long. In such cases, please do not despair, as medicine has stepped far ahead, and today it has become possible to conceive a child using IVF. It is noteworthy that the procedure is carried out in each case individually and is carried out after carefully collecting all the necessary information and selecting the most gentle method.

Today, IVF in the natural cycle is the choice of many couples, which involves the procedure without ovarian stimulation. In this case, the hormonal load on the woman’s body is minimized, while traditional IVF protocols involve gonadotropic stimulants.

Mild IVF without stimulation in the natural cycle is a method of in vitro fertilization of cells without additional hormonal stimulation. It is important to remember that IVF of this kind is possible if the woman’s ovulatory cycles. This method is unsuitable for more complex cases of infertility, and additional medication is needed.

Advantages of IVF in the natural cycle

As already mentioned, IVF in the natural cycle is a gentle method in which the egg matures on its own in the female body, and there is practically no drug load on the body. The main advantages that IVF fertility centre in Pakistan has in the natural cycle are:

  • Reduced risk of multiple pregnancies;
  • Low risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome;
  • Affordable cost;
  • High receptive quality of the endometrium for embryo implantation;
  • Low risk of complications, such as inflammation and bleeding;
  • The ability to carry out the procedure repeatedly for several months;
  • Low risk of preterm birth.

Indications for IVF without hormonal stimulation

There are several main indications for IVF in the natural cycle, in which the likelihood of a successful outcome of the procedure is high, and they are

Age. For the procedure to have a chance of success, the woman’s age must be no more than 35 years.

Stable menstrual cycle. On average, it should be 28-32 days without deviations. The level of female sex hormones should be expected. Absence of violations of the patency of the fallopian tubes.

Contraindications for IVF with stimulation

Even though IVF with stimulation is more effective, it has several contraindications, and then fertilization without hormonal stimulation is an alternative. Problems with IVF with stimulation, such as poor reception of hormonal stimulation, in which not enough eggs are produced

  • Risk of hyperstimulation syndrome
  • One ovary

The presence of an artificial heart valve.

You need to understand that the IVF program in the natural cycle is a procedure before which all the chances and risks must be correctly assessed. Therefore, it is necessary to trust its implementation to specialists whose level of competence is beyond doubt.

Contraindications for IVF without ovarian stimulation

It must be understood that there are several situations where a married couple should abandon the natural protocol. Chief among them are:

  1. Cases where a woman is over 35
  2. The presence of male infertility, in which the quality of sperm is low to obtain a viable embryo

Thus, a woman and a man should undergo a complete examination before deciding on IVF in a natural protocol. Since the method allows only one viable embryo, the success rate will be low if the man has problems.

Stages of the IVF procedure in the natural cycle

To successfully implement the IVF program in the natural cycle, strictly follow the step-by-step procedure. How does IVF work in the birth process? The general plan of events is as follows:

Preliminary qualitative diagnostics – both for the woman and her partner;

Control over the process of maturation of the dominant follicle using ultrasound, as well as tracking ovulation and checking basal temperature from the 7th day of the cycle;

HCG injection strictly 36 hours before ovulation, due to which a full-fledged corpus luteum will develop;

Puncture of an already mature egg under local anesthesia;

sperm preparation;

Fertilization in vitro;

Growing an embryo for 3-5 days;

Embryo transfer with additional progesterone support, if indicated;

Checking pregnancy status with a blood test for hCG levels.

On which day of the cycle IVF is done in the natural cycle, experts decide with the help of ultrasound from day 7-8, monitoring the level of LH.

How to prepare for non-stimulated IVF

To prepare for non-stimulated IVF and significantly increase the chances of success during the procedure, it is worth following several simple recommendations:

Quitting smoking, and this rule should apply to both women and men. This will increase the chances of the successful implantation of the embryo.

Proper nutrition. A woman who cares about her health and the health of her unborn child should receive enough vitamins and minerals, enrich her diet with vegetables and fruits, and, if possible, refuse fast food and other junk food.

Sport. A woman’s life should include moderate physical activity such as swimming, walking, and dancing. This will enrich the blood with oxygen and raise overall vitality.

Recommendations after the IVF procedure

After the egg was taken and the embryo was transferred, it is essential to follow the doctors’ recommendations. First, you must be in a lying position for 1.5 hours. However, since the woman is within the medical institution at this stage, there are no problems with the task. As for the following recommendations, the woman must fulfill them herself with all responsibility:

  • Observance of a sparing regimen and control of basal temperature
  • Lack of physical and emotional overstrain
  • Proper nutrition, from which all junk food should be excluded
  • The correct mode of the day and rest
  • Lack of sexual life
  • No overheating and hypothermia

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