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Find Out The Truth About Advertising That You Don’t Know About

Hoarding ads have more to offer than just increasing the visibility of your company’s name! Keep reading to learn additional advantages of advertising on hoardings and ways in which they can impact your company’s image.

Foamex printing has been for a long time considered to be one of the most effective forms of advertisements, making them an integral part of advertising that is conventional.

Due to its size and well-known medium it’s not hard to imagine that the main reason to utilise Hoarding advertisements is to build the brand’s recognition.

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Image Sources: Foamex Printing Company UK

There Are Many Benefits That Come With Hoarding Ads! 

High Return

A study of 10 years looked at the 100 mix media personalised Instagram selfie frame in the US It was found that each dollar spent on advertising out of home (such as Hoardings) produced an average of 6 dollars of sales.

The reason why hoardings (and OOH advertising in general) are so successful in terms of return on investment is due to ads that are placed on areas of significant traffic, resulting in significant brand recognition. In turn, customers are more likely to head to your store, site or social media websites and eventually purchase items.

Guaranteed Audience(S)

If you use advertising on hoarding, you can be sure that you’ll be able to reach large numbers of people. Most people drive. In reality, Americans spend an average of 17,600 hours in their cars during the time (293 minutes).

There’s always at most one person watching the advertisements on your hoardings at any time. Hoardings can be a great way to capture the interest of the intended audience, but also secondary and third-party viewers too! It is possible to get a lot of people to notice your ads with just one advertisement to all of them.

Increased Credibility

If hoardings are able to achieve anything is because they increase your business’s credibility! Since they’re a highly prominent medium, many people believe that only the most well-known companies can be able to afford this kind of advertising.

With a Facebook selfie frame you can demonstrate to the world that you’re important enough to use the most effective marketing currently available, which will add instant credibility and credibility to your business.

Because credibility is vital for building your brand, you should be doing everything you can to gain trust from your existing and potential customers!

5mm Foamex
Image Sources: Foamex Printing Company UK

Never Lose Fashion Style

Hoardings are a classic way of advertising; however they’ll never go out of style (even in the age of digital)! Hoardings can be a great complement to your advertising efforts on the internet and increase the efficiency of other mediums.

Find out the ways that hoardings aid in SEO strategies. Facebook advertisements can be found here. In fact, personalised selfie frame is making money from Hoardings!

It was found that one in four Americans posted a photo of an outdoor advertisement to Instagram. Posing selfies on hoardings is a fantastic method to advertise yourself, acknowledge supporters, or to run contests.

With Blip, anyone can create a Hoarding advertisement set up, and you don’t have to have a name or have an organisation that is profitable! You can promote your Hoarding advertising on Instagram and see how many reactions and likes flow into it.

Full Control

Hoardings generally are a bit of a control over their own. In actuality, conventional Hoardings represent the only form of advertising where the advertiser has total control over their advertising space.

However, you could remain locked in your design for a period of weeks or even months until when the contract expires or when the company is allowed to print or install an entirely new style.

Blip can alter the way you tell the story, allowing you to take full control of the entire campaign. There aren’t any contracts, and there are no minimums.

By using electronic screens, you will have the option of changing the advertisement’s design as many times as you’d like. You can select the date location, the place and what you want to advertise.

Multiple messages

If you own multiple stores to advertise, you could make different versions of your ads that include the addresses for each. If you own two distinct items or services you wish to promote, simply create two ads and then use the time slot to run the two ads.

Flexible Start Dates

Outdoor advertising is typically run in two-week blocks and there are a variety of positive reasons to do this. With digital media, you are able to begin your advertisements when you’d like.

When your function is for Wednesday, you are able to close your ad on the Wednesday prior to, or on the Tuesday prior to it or the day preceding it or the day before it…

Shorter Campaigns

Two weeks is generally the best timeframe for outdoor advertising to be displayed to increase exposure. There are instances when it’s more effective to place your ad run for a lesser number of hours over the course of a longer time.

Do you have an exclusive offer for Tuesdays? You can advertise every Sunday throughout the week for a week, with Monday and Tuesday as the only exceptions. It will stop at the time that the offer expires on Tuesday.

This reduces the chance of wasting time (when your advertisement isn’t effective) and will result in better utilisation of the budget you’ve established.

Certain Times Of The Days

Consider the product you sell. If you’re an off licence or a bar, are you trying to advertise your business to patrons on their commute to work?

It’s a great moment to sell your wine bottle for an affordable price. You could try to get the attention of people who are returning home after an exhausting day at work!


Digital technology offers a myriad of possibilities for creativity using all the features mentioned earlier. Here are a few examples of how you can make use of these capabilities. I’m sure that you’ll come up with other ways to improve your company’s performance…

Do you have the ability to have your restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Make use of three different advertising options during the best time during the week. They will highlight the timing of a cup of coffee from 6am until 11am lunch from 11am to 3pm.

Your travel agency should offer a great discount on sun in winter, and should promote the sun-filled Tenerife when temperatures are 10-degrees or lower. Yup, that’s possible! If we’ve got your advertising that we’re able to create it so that it only shows when temperatures exceed the temperature specified.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Relevant Content For Blogs As Well As Social Media

The principal purpose behind frames on Instagram is to make connections with your customers , and to create leads. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to collect content from customers to share on your social media channels and also on your blog.

It is also a great method for people to follow you via social media. Make sure you have their contact information to be included in your postings!


On the contrary, you can market your ice-creams and cold drinks, as well as beer gardens that are shade just when the sun is shining brightly!

Do you have equipment that is suitable for men and women? Do you have a women-only section at your gym, or have a huge free weights area? If you submit the two advertisements, you could split the time to promote both.

If you’ve bought a 10- second advertisement that is running every two minutes, you can play the first for 5 seconds and then display the second. It is also possible to rotate them by showing the first commercial for 10 minutes, and then when you’re ready for the next 10 second spot, you’ll display the second.

It’s time to start on the Hoardings as well and to profit from advertising through Hoarding go to our site and sign up for an account and start setting up your campaign. We’re excited to see your advertisements on Hoarding!

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