What Type of Fire Alarm System Should be Installed in Commercial Building?

Fire accidents are destructive. A little mishap or mishandling of a combustible object can turn a ten-storey building burn like a heap of papers. Such accidents have happened many times, and precious lives have been lost. Therefore, it is quite important to take preventive measures and reduce the risk of buildings getting caught on fire. 

Moreover, commercial lands should be given priority in this regard. They are places where large crowds are present, and their construction ideas are discussed under a professional team of architects and engineers. Commercial buildings are pretty vast entities, and due to their massive size and daily foot traffic that they receive, it is quite crucial to implement stringent and appropriate security measures including commercial fire alarm systems.

To protect the commercial buildings from fire is one of the main pillars of security and an issue of serious concern. Do check out  Commercial Fire Alarm Systems to find one which best suits your needs.

Common Causes of Fire

Among the common causes of fire in commercial buildings includes faulty equipment, cooking, clutter, combustible material, arson and negligence. 

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

The commercial fire alarm systems make use of smoke detectors and alarms to reduce as much loss and gain control of fires as soon as possible. These methods are employed in commercial areas to reduce loss of lives, property and environment. A recent report declares that in the UK there have been more than 1,15,000 cases related to fire in the year 2019-2020. 

Fire alarms and smoke detectors are fire safety equipment that prevent fires from erupting and spreading, all the while alerting the victims of the potential threat so that they can call for help and evacuate in time.

Types of Fire Alarms 

There are basically three types of fire alarm systems i.e. ionisation smoke detectors, optical smoke detectors, and dual-sensor smoke detectors.

Ionisation smoke detectors are extremely reactive to minute particles of smoke caused by rapid flaming fires and are cheap. They show less sensitivity to the slow-burning flames and usually give off larger quantities of smoke before turning into a full-fledged fire.

Photoelectric smoke detectors are also called optical smoke detectors. This type of fire alarm system sends the beam of light which is sent to the chamber away from the light source. When the smoke enters into the chamber, it directs its way towards the sensor, which in turn triggers the alarm. It has a relatively quick response time to smouldering fires due to the high sensitivity of detectors to large particles in the air.

Dual-sensor smoke detectors, as the name suggests, use a combination of ionisation and optical smoke technologies and are required for maximum protection from fires. Therefore, the combination of both technologies is the most preferable type of fire alarm system which should be installed in commercial buildings. As it offers maximum protection from property damage and reduces the amount of harm to the maximum extent.

One can also depend on VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus). This apparatus literally analyzes the air sample from time to time, scanning for the slightest hints of smoke. They provide an early warning to the people confined to buildings or rooms which might be at the risk of catching fire. 

All of these fire alarm systems make sure that the people of the security are alarmed timely about an approaching fire. The quicker the detection happens, the quicker the fire extinguishers and rescue teams can come to help. 

Best Commercial Fire Alarm Systems:

The fire alarms are engineered in such a way that different systems can be used for different places. For example, if you are securing the protection of multiple buildings, you should invest in “Mass Notification” fire alarms. There are different companies that offer some of the guaranteed commercial fire alarm systems. You can purchase some reputed brands like Honeywell and Siemens to ensure quality security for such accidents. These companies have a proper categorization which can help you choose the protective system you want to have in your establishment. 


Before starting any business, one must consider safety precautions. A building must be immune to disasters and accidents like earthquakes and fires. If you are establishing a business firm, you are taking responsibility for the people working for you. Therefore, it is important that you take care of those people who work for you.  

Given that fire accident are so common and yet so ravaging, an effective fire alarm system must be installed in a commercial area. This could save many people’s lives and also prevent other material losses. 

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