Fitness App Development: 7 Things to Consider Before Building the App

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people more conscious about their lifestyle and fitness. There, health and fitness apps can lend a helping hand. On one hand, such apps motivate users to live up to the fitness regime, and on the other hand, they connect fitness freaks to the community. Fitness tracking app development services can unleash the potential of fitness apps and assist startup owners or fitness clubs to grow their business through customized apps. 

Do you want to leverage the benefits of surging demand for a fitness app and a thriving app market? Before consulting a fitness app development company, which is indeed the last option, you need to keep the following seven aspects in mind while developing a fitness app. 

Seven Things to Keep in Mind before Developing Fitness App

As per the survey, the global fitness app market is expected to grow at a 23% CAGR between the period of 2016 to 2023. In this pandemic period, the importance of workout and fitness tracking app has increased like never before. Fitness tracking app development gains ground quickly and many entrepreneurs want to come up with such apps. Fitbit and MyFitnessPal have made history through apps. 

Here are seven things to consider-

  1. Type of Apps    

Health & Fitness industry is a vast sector and a plethora of apps are available with different features and functionality for a specific audience. However, three common types of health and fitness apps are- fitness tracking apps, workout & exercise apps, and nutrition & diet apps. The workout & exercise apps are the most common type because workout and weight loss-related apps account for 73% of all fitness app sessions as per the Flurry Analytics research. 

If you have a particular theme in mind to develop a fitness app like yoga apps or mental fitness app, you should consult a reliable app development company and get insights before kickstarting the app development project.  

2. Select App Development Platform

The next step is of course choosing the app development platform. When it comes to developing a fitness and workout app, it is essential to choose the right platform from Android and iOS. You can also consider developing a cross-platform app that can seamlessly run across both Android and iOS platforms. 

The app development platform has a direct relation to the app adoption rate and revenue. For example, if you want to come up with a fitness app for Asian people, it is okay to start with Android to reach a huge audience consists of Android phone users with ease. But, if you want to bring an app for the US people, it is better to build on iOS. 

3. Define Target Audience

Every app has a defined target audience, and the fitness app is no exception! You can develop an app for working individuals, millennials, fitness freaks, and women users. For example, the Kaa-Yaa app has kept working individuals in mind who need personal attention to get motivated but do not want to hire a trainer. In a way, the Kaa-Yaa app acts as a digital personal trainer. 

While defining the target audience, other important factors to consider are age-group, financial status, and demographics of the target audience. These factors can help you make a list of specific features you should add to the app.   

4. Determine Features

This is one of the most important aspects to consider while opting for fitness app development. You need to make a list of features based on the type of app. For example, nutrition and food value-related features are necessary for a diet-based app, whereas, workouts and fitness-related features should be integrated into the fitness tracking app. 

Also, it is imperative for a fitness app to integrate wearable device-friendly features. IDC has predicted that the worldwide market for wearable devices is expected to grow at 15.3% over the previous year. The fitness tracking app development company can also add physical activity, diet, and calorie consumption features. 

5. Make a Roadmap

A fitness app can generate a lot of revenue providing you can come up with a proper monetizing strategy. App monetization can assist you to get the maximum benefit of your fitness app. The mobile app industry follows the following common models for monetization-

  • Paid Model- This model is highly suitable for apps with high brand recognition and outstanding reviews. 
  • Freemium Model- This model enables users to get access to limited features of the fitness app free of cost and if they want to use all the features, then they have to pay. 
  • Paywalls- It is a subscription-based model that can be used for a limited time once the users pay for it. 
  • In-app Purchase- This model enables you to sell virtual products within the app. However, this model is more useful for gaming apps rather than fitness apps. 
  • In-app Advertising- This is one of the most common app monetization models, and includes two phases for promoting the pp. In the first phase, the ad is shown at a certain interval, and in the second phase, the ad is placed in the form of a sticker for a static view. 

6.Check out Budget : Another important factor to consider is the budget. Here, it is necessary to keep in mind that however seamlessly performing your fitness app is, you need to keep some amount aside for app marketing and maintenance. Here, you need to identify the need, define the features, and make a roadmap in line with the budget.

7.Hire App Development Company

This is the final stage of fitness app development. You need to hire a reputed app development company that can develop a 360-degree app as per your strategy and idea. Here, it is better to hire a company that offers app development, maintenance, marketing, and modification services under one roof. 

Concluding Lines

Fitness tracking app development or health and fitness app development requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Better planning and proper execution of the project is essential for getting a high ROI in a short time. Though a reputed fitness app development company can assist you to come up with a popular fitness app, the points mentioned above should be considered before consulting the app development company. 

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