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Five characteristics of people who can Actually make money online

Everybody wants to make money online but very few people manage to succeed. This is because not everybody is ready to pay the price. Just like any other business, online businesses have their own drawbacks and challenges and you need a certain mindset to deal with them.

Most people search for the easy ways to make money and end up wasting their time and money on useless courses or training programs. You need to do a little bit of introspection before expecting to earn anything. Do you have what it takes to be an online entrepreneur or millionaire? 


Internet businesses are different from a brick and mortar business where you can get a shop in a busy market or mall and expect to get some potential customers to walk in. It can take time before your website starts to get some traffic. Of course, you can choose to invest on paid ads and get the traffic right away but you will still need some time to reach the point of positive Return on Ad Spend. It’s not as simple as investing $1000 and getting $2000 in return. 


Self learning is important because everything is changing on a regular basis. New opportunities or new platforms surface on a regular basis and if you are not ready to keep tabs on changing trends or changes, you will find it hard to survive. For example, Google keeps rolling out changes to its algorithm and usually announces the changes like Mobile First indexing in advance. If you are not keeping your eyes open, you are destined to tumble sooner than later.


Online businesses are usually run from homes and working from homes require you to be extremely organized, disciplined, and productive. If you keep going back to your comfort zone, you will not be able to achieve your maximum potential. Organizational skills are also important when you are looking to expand and scale your business. You will need to create a system that can run on autopilot with minimum contribution from your side. Then you can hire managers and team while you can sit back and relax (or focus on another business). 

Do it attitude:

The right timing is important but you cannot keep waiting for the perfect time. So many people keep sitting with a bucket full of ideas and never gather the courage to try any of them. You might fail at some of them but you are bound to succeed with a few. And the successful ones will give you the money and resources to go for another one. Money begets money and it is important to do the hustle instead of just waiting and waiting.


Opportunism is usually considered a negative trait and it is negative when you are being selfish or immoral. However, there is a positive type of opportunism that is so important for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur mind will see an opportunity in everything and grab it. For example, covid pandemic has changed the world for good. A typical businessman will sit and be sad about the businesses getting closed but an entrepreneur will think of the times ahead and adjust his/her business.  

You will find it hard to earn considerable income if you do not have at least 2 or more of these traits. 

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