Follow These Tips To Take Care Of Your Computer

Follow These Tips To Take Care Of Your Computer 

Regardless of your hardware arrangement and specifications, a properly maintained computer will offer you noticeably faster online and offline speeds. Your computer is an expensive electronic purchase that requires maintenance. According to the second rule of thermodynamics, all systems deteriorate with time, but there are several ways to postpone the inevitable. In this blog, we will discuss how to take care of your Computers .

  1. Get Padded Protection Guard For Your Computer

To transport your laptop, choose a laptop bookbag, laptop case, or laptop sleeve. You might even think about making your own out of a pillow or sleeping bag. If you drop your laptop a few times, it can crash and lose all your crucial files.

  1. Remove Dust From Your Computer

Your computer may become dusty in less than a year, depending on where it is kept. Depending on how dusty your home is, open it. Check it sometimes if it’s not too dusty, but if it is (your house), then take much more proactive measures. After vacuuming (or wiping) off the bottom dust, spray the area with canned air that has been compressed. Pay close attention to the CPU fan and heat sink. Hold the fan motionless when spraying it because if you move it, it can spin out and make more noise when it restarts. Spray the power supply fan’s intakes as well. Since the cover is off, restart the computer and check all the fans for noise. If the fan stops spinning or begins to make strange noises, have it replaced. You may also try lubricating the bearing to see if it helps.

  1. Uninstall Programs Which You Don’t Use

If it takes a while for your computer to start up, it’s probably because apps that are set to execute at startup are loading. Access System Configuration to determine which apps you don’t need to launch at startup and turn them off.


Go to: to access System Configuration and see which programmes are launched automatically.

  • Select “Start”
  • Just press “Run.”
  • Enter “msconfig”
  • Pick the “Startup” tab.
  • Programs you don’t wish to load at startup can be unchecked.
  • After clicking “Apply,” click “OK” (may require your computer to restart)
  1. Keep Updating Your Computer Time To Time

Consider backing up your files and reinstalling your operating system if your machine is getting old. While you often find it a pain, you do it for my protection, especially when you remove malware or viruses from my computer.

  1. Avoid Keeping Your Computer On Soft Surfaces

Use caution when using a computer on soft surfaces, such as a bed, as this will prevent airflow through the device. Try to find a cool, firm surface to stop your computer from overheating and promote airflow. Think of utilizing your computer in your usable, cool basement. To avoid overheating, you also need to get a cooling pad or fan.

  1. Clean Your Monitor With Soft Cloth

Cleaning a computer monitor:


  • Pick up a gentle cloth, and wet it with cool water.
  • Wipe the bottom of your monitor softly and carefully. Don’t apply excessive pressure on the screen.
  • Leave no water drops behind that could harm interior parts.
  • To avoid needing to pay professionals to clean your computer ports, ensure they aren’t clogged with debris (often dust).


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