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Consumption of Cosmetics and Its Excessive Use among Women – 6 Pros & Cons

The consumption of cosmetics products among women is growing day by day. In this respect, the packaging solutions like foundation boxes are playing an important role. However, excessive use of these products has both pros and cons for users. 6 of the important pros and cons of cosmetic products are listed below.


Cosmetics products are proving beneficial for women specifically in multiple ways. We have listed here key advantages of cosmetic products as.

01. Increase Self-Confidence:

Wearing makeup is what gives a woman confidence and belief in herself. Particularly at important parties and events, makeup helps them look prominent among all. According to a recent study by the United States University of Chieti in Italy, makeup gives women a “lipstick effect.”

The lipstick effect means the feel of self-assurance, physical attraction, boldness, and improvement in personality. Another research also proves that women who wear makeup are found more productive than others as foundation boxes. It is a known fact that productivity mainly depends on self-confidence. So, wearing the right combination of cosmetic products can give you confidence and help in improving your personality.

02. Protection against Dust and Smog:

Dust and smog air pollution are the major elements that can harm women’s skin and health. Regular usage of makeup reduces the chances of the interaction of such elements with the skin. In the same manner, longer exposure to sun rays can also damage the health of the skin.

However, high-quality cosmetics contain UV protective ingredients that keep the skin safe. Wearing cosmetics that come in solutions like custom foundation boxes regularly keeps a woman’s skin protected against pollution and sun rays.

03. Balance the Complexion:

It is observed that women are quite conscious about balancing their skin tone and complexion. Imbalanced skin tone does not make any good impression on the respective personality. Exposure to the sun and air pollution affects the skin complexion especially facial areas and neck. Applying makeup products always helps women in fixing this issue. Manufacturers of makeup products make use of a variety of natural and chemical-based ingredients that can balance the complexion.

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As every action has a reaction, similarly if a product is beneficial in some ways, it also holds some drawbacks. The same is the case with cosmetics products. This is the major reason that governments enforce brands to use high-quality packaging and provide maximum product information. In this regard, packaging like printed yet cheap foundation boxes online always helps such brands. The following are some major drawbacks of cosmetics.

01. Vulnerability to Skin Cancer:

Every makeup product holds some chemical-based ingredients that can harm skin health. Though it has been witnessed those makeups products, do not cause harm instantly but they can lead to skin cancer later. Excessive and regular use of such beauty items can play a part in the development of skin cancer.

That is why experts always suggest keeping a check on the ingredients along with the date of expiry. Further, experts also suggest limiting the use and amount of wearing makeup to avoid such vulnerabilities. Makeup brands are advised to use packaging solutions like printed foundation boxes wholesale to educate people about the respective product.

02. Clogging of Pores:

Oxygen is among the basic needs for keeping the skin fresh, and for that, unclogged pores are essential. The use of excessive oil-based makeup can clog your pores and restrict your skin from breathing. Most of the time, it happens due to the lasting of makeup on your skin for a long time. To avoid this, cleanse off the makeup completely with the help of a chemical exfoliator. In this regard, you can also go for non-comedogenic products. Doing so will also benefit you by avoiding the risk of acne and clogging of pores.

03. Premature Aging:

Another critical drawback of regular and excessive use of makeup is premature aging. Though women use makeup to look younger, it can result in otherwise. Inappropriate and frequent use of it can cause skin damage and chronic irritation. It also plays a role in the growth of wrinkles and lines. These things can make women look older.

Premature aging can be due to multiple reasons; however, unfavorable chemicals in cosmetics can speed up the process. Most of the brands consider this and buy foundation boxes online with printed details via retail packaging to educate customers in this regard. These pros and cons of makeup products can help women to decide the amount of makeup for maximum advantage.

It is a known thing that every product has both benefits and drawbacks; however, it depends on the user. Makeup brands use packaging like foundation boxes and provide all legally required details. They do so to enable users to understand the benefits and consequences of using their products.

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