Top 6 Free Website Speed Test Tools in 2022

The speed of your website can either break or make your website. This is why marketers, IT departments, and web developers focus on website speed testing tools. Your overall success of the website mainly depends on the webpage loading. 

From user experience to search engine optimization, page speed concerns every aspect of your website. If we talk about facts, most users only wait about 4 seconds for a page to load. 

You can’t use a stopwatch to determine how fast your website is loading. That is not a way to do it. That is why many developers use website speed test tools that are free. 

The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing industries which keeps on changing and getting updates. Here are some free website speed test tools which keep themselves updated with the ever-changing updates of the industry. 

  • GTmetrix

If we talk about some of the most efficient website speed test tools which are from 2019 is GTmetrix. This tool is one of the easiest testers to use. You just have to paste or type your website’s URL and let it Analyze. GTmetrix strengths are 

  • The UX designs of this website are easy to navigate and the user interface is super easy to use. 
  • The page speed number is displayed along with context which makes it easy for you to know. How you are doing compared to the rest of the website available on the website. 
  • All the scores you scored are broken down in a manner that you can easily understand where the actual problem lies. Is it from your CSS or javascript or server environment? Web Development can help you in this or learn it from institutes that teach web development courses in ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi Or any city you live in. 

GTmetrix also offers a pro-level service that grants you access to monitoring, alerts, and even the page settings, along with other benefits too. The test is free and you can even download the data.

  • WebPageTest 

One of the most reliable and trusted website speed testing tools is for users to use. The strengths of webpagetest are 

  • For each run of WebPageTest, the user initiates it and can create custom settings accordingly. 
  • WebPageTest can easily configure a great number of locations and web browser options. Your website might be faster on firefox and slow on google, WebPageTest will let you know even this. 
  • The users can ask WebPageTest to run multiple times to know if your website has a consistent speed or not. 

WebPageTest is free and open source. This makes it less user-friendly but it gives the most accurate data. If you know what to do, webpagetest can easily be your weapon of information.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights 

Good PageSpeed insights will not offer you much data or suggestions on how to fix your problem. If we look at it this way it is not even a true page speed testing tool. But here are some reasons why you should still use google’s page speed insight. 

  • Whatever google says should be taken seriously, as google actually analyses things to get the search rankings you are looking for. So if a google tool is pointing out some issues it is better to take that seriously. 
  • This tool is very easy to use. You just have to type your URL and you are good to go. Page insight offers you results on both mobile and desktop versions. The results are color coded which makes it more pretty to understand things better. 

Only because it is a google tool, this is a trusted website, and as google evaluates the page and gives you recommendations on how to rank higher on search platforms. 

  • Pingdom

Pingdom offers options and simplicity. The benefits Pingdom offers are 

  • With its current configuration, Pingdom lets you test your website URL in four different testing locations. you‘ll have to choose the testing location to be the closest one to your website’s user base. 
  • The results are super easy to understand. The breakdown of performance insights makes it easy to know the issues addressed.
  • The waterfall is also easier to read, and the broken-down data make it easier to dig deeper. 

A deep web page speed tester is Pingdom. The interface of Pingdom is easy to use and the data is generated in an organized manner. This tool offers a client-facing report which helps the developer get enough information to address the problems. 

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  • DareBoost 

At once DareBoost looks like any other web page testing tool. All you have to do is put your website address, select the location and just start with the test. 

The tricky part of DareBoost is that you’ll have to log in to avail of the available services. This is a worthy sign-in. Some interesting facts about dareboost 

  • The data is broken down into visual representations. DareBoost gives clear, easy-to-read explanations that will help you track your progress. 
  • Dareboost even provides you with a video breakdown which makes it simpler for you to see how exactly your website loads. You can easily slow down the video to get a real-time load order. 

The data visualization of DareBoost is an amazing way of interpreting data and it has many interesting features for the users. Though you’ll have to sign -up for free, it is worth your two minutes sign-up. 

  • Website speed test (Image Analysis Tool)

The websites which are made these days are image heavy. With high-definition retina screens, and display it is difficult to work with low-resolution pictures. Image compression has become really necessary these days. And to test such images we recommend the Website Speed Test Image Analysis tool. The tool provides 

  • This tool gives you a read-out of every image of the analyzed page. This even lets you know how large the image is and how much you need to compress it. 
  • Gives information on how many images the webpage successfully loads and what data is required 
  • Lets you know the ways which will help you to compress images without degrading the image quality 

This Website Speed test image analysis tool is the only tool available only which focuses on images. 

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