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Fun & Trendy Ways to Send Celebrity Shout-outs to Your Special One

Ever wondered — what is the best way to surprise your beloved? Is it chocolates, or flowers, especially roses? Such displays of love and affection have become old-fashioned now. So much so that the entire activity of surprising your loved one has become monotonous and predictable — devoid of any excitement. It is the usual thought of ‘I knew it’ which comes into one’s mind when you gift them roses or chocolate.

So, how will you sweep your loved one off their feet? How can you score those extra brownie points to win over your loved one? How can you surprise them to make their day truly memorable?

Well, to make this happen, you will need to shout out to the stars. Yes. Quite literally.

You, now have the wonderful opportunity to take your loved ones by surprise by gifting them personalised celebrity video shout-outs from their favourite celebrities. Celeb video messages have always been a rage. But now you have the biggest chance to make these videos personal.

When you are with the love of your life, every day is special — every moment becomes memorable. We cherish such wonderful moments all our life. With the help of Tring, you can make those romantic moments even more memorable and unforgettable by gifting celebrity personalised video messages to your loved ones.

Tring provides you a wonderful opportunity to receive personalised celebrity video shout-outs, wishes and greetings for your loved ones. But how? We will tell you. But let us first give you a quick introduction to Tring.

What is the Tring Platform?

Tring takes the concept of greetings, shout-outs and wishes to a whole new level altogether, by allowing fans to get personalised celeb video messages from their favourite celebrities. Tring is an online platform wherein you can book a delightful celebrity happy birthday shout-out for your loved ones. The online platform boasts of more than 2400 celebrities, and the list is ever-growing with new celebrities being added every day. Be it cricketers, movie stars, socialites, social media influencers, dancers, motivational speakers and singers — Tring has them all.

Everybody has a crush on a particular celebrity. We idolise them, dream of meeting them one day and talking to them. And we hope that someday our favourite celebrity sends us a shout-out on our special day. With the help of Tring, it is possible to realise this dream. How? Let us find out.

How Does it Work?

Visit the Tring website and you can book a personalised birthday shout-out from a celebrity in three simple steps. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Select your favourite celebrity from the list of celebrities.
    2. Write the message in which you want the celebrity to shout-out followed by the details.
    3. Click on the “Book Now” button.

And you are done. Isn’t that simple?

Receiving the Reply

The time to receive a reply from celebrities varies, as we all know that they lead a busy life. They need to dedicate time out of their busy lives to record personalised videos and share with us. The reply may take a few hours to a few days. Generally, Tring has a waiting period of ten days. If the reply doesn’t come within ten days, then the request is cancelled, and the entire amount gets refunded. However, this event is a rarity.

In general, all requests get acknowledged by celebrities within 72 hours. There will be a considerable fee for these services. The fees may vary as per the celebrities. The Tring website highlights relevant information about the celebrity and their prices for video shout-outs and other products.

Received your Video Message

Congratulations! Now that you have received your personalised celeb video message from your favourite celebrity, you simply download it and send it as a special gift to the love of your life. This video message will make their day truly memorable, which they will cherish this day forever.

Tring is a fun and trendy way to send personalised celebrity video shout-outs to your loved ones, friends, and family. It is the best way to make someone’s day special and memorable. So, do not miss out on the opportunity to make someone happy. Use the Tring website and order a personalised video shout-out now. #JustTringIt

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