Global Biometrics as a Service Market

Global Biometrics as a Service Market By Share and Size, Growth, and Forecast 2028

Biometrics as a Service is a service that authenticates and identifies persons based on their behavioral and biological traits. It offers a solution for ensuring that only authentic users have access to the services, largely through the use of facial recognition and microphones for speech capture.

The global biometrics as a service market was worth USD 1.6 billion in 2020 and is predicted to be worth USD 3.88 billion by 2028, expanding at a 17.9% CAGR from 2021 to 2028.

Growing desire for cost-effective solutions to access advanced biometrics competencies, as well as rising acceptance of cloud-based services, are two main drivers of biometrics as a service industry. The increased security of biometric data stored in the cloud, as well as the integration of biometrics-as-a-service into current systems, are two reasons that could hinder biometrics as a service business. However, rising e-commerce demand increased mobile device usage, and improved security awareness are all creating chances for the biometrics as a service market to grow during the forecast period.

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Growth Factors

Traditional biometric techniques for incorporating biometric capabilities into commercial applications are expensive and time-consuming. A cloud-based platform that blends cloud capabilities and technologies with biometrics infrastructure is known as biometrics-as-a-service. This enables biometric authentication and onboarding on the cloud platform while eliminating the costs of the database, network, and storage components. The biometric capture device is the only hardware component required to capture individual biometric input, making these solutions easier to implement and pushing their acceptance across multiple industries. Furthermore, most biometrics-as-a-service companies offer integration services to help customers integrate biometrics capabilities into their existing systems. This further decreases the technical resources necessary to integrate the service. Companies are continuously in need of such low-cost solutions, which is boosting global demand for them. The growing demand for comprehensive authentication systems, as well as the increasing acceptance of cloud-based services by enterprises worldwide, is one of the primary reasons driving the market’s favorable outlook. Both government and private businesses are deploying advanced BaaS solutions to prevent security breaches and identity theft.

Modality Type Segment Analysis Preview

Unimodal systems are easier to implement and manage than multimodal technologies. Unimodal technologies, on the other hand, are more prone to attacks such as spoofing and less dependable than multimodal systems. As a result, these systems are employed in businesses where high levels of security and reliability are not required. These are well-known due to their low cost and ease of accessibility. The other modality type is multimodality.

Key Market Players & Competitive Landscape

Some of key players of the Biometrics as a Service Market are Fujitsu Limited, Accenture Plc., Aware Inc., Leidos Holdings, Inc., BioID, M2SYS Technology – KernellÓ Inc, Fulcrum Biometrics, LLC, IDEMIA, Imageware Systems Incorporated, and Iritech, Inc., among others.

These players are increasing alliances and partnerships among industry participants, as well as diverse hospitals and research centers, to achieve a competitive advantage. Nuance is a well-known global provider of voice biometrics and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions. The company’s segments include healthcare, enterprise, automotive, and imaging. Finance, government, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, education, and logistics are among the industries it services. The company has expanded its biometrics solution range to include behavioral biometrics solutions by working with BioCatch, a prominent provider of behavioral biometrics solutions. Customers can now obtain multi-factor authentication solutions as a result of this collaboration.

The global biometrics as a service market is segmented as follows:

By Modality Type


By Deployment Model

Private Cloud
Public Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

By Industry Vertical

Telecommunications and IT Public
Media and Entertainment
Government and Defense

By Region

North America
The U.S.

The UK
Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific
South Korea
Southeast Asia
Rest of Asia Pacific

Latin America
Rest of Latin America

Middle East & Africa
South Africa
Rest of Middle East & Africa

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