Where can I find a Good Tattoo Parlour in Noida?

For many people, getting a tattoo is an attractive option for fashion or personal goals. At this point, it is important to choose the right kind of professional to handle this task for their safest experience. Indeed, the best tattoo experts have training and experience with their work and use suitable tools as well.

Overall, when you are searching “Tattoo Parlour Near Me” online, you should select one that has good reviews and offers variety. In Noida, the following spots are popular choices for many customers.

  • Tattoo Ink Fixers

Tattoo Ink Fixers is located in the Sharma Market within Sector 27 at Noida. While the store is not exceptionally huge, it has many patrons and new clients frequently. You can opt for different designs from their trained tattooists. 

  • Dev Tattoo 

This tattoo parlour in Section 61 is a popular option for a lot of people planning to get a tattoo. People need to contact professionals first to book a slot. One would get pricing details according to their chosen design and size.

  • Tattoo Wala 

The Tattoo Wala parlour is located in Great India Place Mall and gets a decent amount of customers. The artists here have good tattooing skills and offer prices per the tattoo size and style. 

  • Tattoo Ink Masters 

Available in E Block in Thapar Marg of Noida, this tattoo parlour is one of the best available parlours in this city. They offer a wide range of coloured and monochrome tattoo design options, too.

  • Cheenos 

This tattoo parlour in Sector 18 is a common haunt for many people wishing to get a tattoo. The staff is well-organized and skilled and offers different styles for their clients.

Tips for taking care of your skin after getting a tattoo 

Simply getting the tattoo is not enough; one needs to properly maintain it to avoid skin problems and infections. The following are some of the main rules everyone should follow diligently before and after getting a tattoo. 

  • Drink lots of water daily

This tip is important to follow before getting the tattoo as well as after; water would properly hydrate your inner dermis layers. Accordingly, experts suggest customers begin consuming around 2 litres of water per day at least a week before the appointment. As for the main date, it is important to drink lots of water and eat one full meal as well. 

This is because the hydrated skin layer is softer and stronger, which makes it easier to tattoo on it. It can take the needle pressure and damage is minimal. As for the food, less nutritional intake leads to low blood sugar levels, which can result in dizziness and health issues. 

Also, not having enough water or food would make the tattooing process more painful to deal with. 

  • Avoid particular beverages like alcohol or caffeine 

It is important to avoid any caffeine or alcohol starting from 48 hours before the tattooing experience. Both of these components can thin the blood. Thus, while the tattooist pierces the skin layers, the client would bleed more and feel extra dizzy and uncomfortable. 

  • Moisturize the area properly 

After getting a tattoo, the client needs to moisturize the applied region properly. Here, adding prescribed creams, lotions, petroleum jelly, or oil substances heal the damaged skin properly. 

Plus, moisturizing the skin protects against dryness and several skin issues, too. To note, you should choose a product type and apply it to the region following the instructions of the trained tattoo artist carefully.

  • Keep the tattoo under a covering 

Since the artist cuts through the skin layer to enter the foreign pigmented substances, the area is more prone to skin infections. Therefore, people need to focus on hygiene carefully at this point. 

So, directly after getting the tattoo, the tattooist would cover the area with a cling wrap or bandage. Make sure not to remove it to protect the region from sunlight and pollutants. 

After some hours, you should wash the area using water and antibacterial soap. Keep your hands clean for this; afterwards, pat it dry. 

  • Do not soak your skin 

To clean the tattooed area, avoid immersing the skin underwater completely. For example, take a shower instead of soaking in the bathtub, and avoid swimming pools and jacuzzis. This is important to follow for some weeks until the professional says it is safe. 

  • Wear comfortable loose clothes 

It is important to wear breathable cotton-made loose clothes to make the skin area more accessible for the tattooist. To note, sleeveless shirts and short pants are suitable for arm and leg-centric tattoos. 

Why should you use online salon booking services?

There are several advantages available for customers who download the Zoylee app or visit through the website version.

  • Book your appointment quickly 

The Zoylee app and website both have an easy-to-use interface with a simple navigational structure. So, it is manageable to search for the service or salon one is looking for quickly. Plus, the location-based sorting option reduces the browsing time, as well. 

Overall, the process of searching and booking an appointment does not take a long time.

  • Choose salons and services near you 

Zoylee offers a wide variety of salon experts and services to choose from. You can search for the available options and choose among many options to select one most suitable for your needs. Explore by location to narrow down the choices as well. 

  • Verify the quality of the salon before booking 

The review section allows all interested clients to learn more about the services available. The previous customers provide their view on the skills, personal experience, and ambience. Indeed, read through them to select one with the best quality performance rate and options. 

  • Easy usage and booking experience 

The entire booking process is simple to complete for Zoylee. Typically, one has to create an account and log into it, and then search for the salon options. Then, choose a service, set the time and date, and process the payment online. 


Overall, tattoos are interesting for a niche audience. However, it is important for these customers to properly choose a verified and skilled specialist to handle the steps. 

So, research your options well. Then, pick one that offers a good variety of designs, provides high-quality service, and follows safety protocols thoroughly. Also, take their advice and follow the after-care tips properly. 

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