Guide To Create A Multi-Services On-demand App Like Gojek In Cambodia

The increasing dependency on smartphones is making on-demand apps become people’s one-stop destinations. The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated this tendency, with people preferring doorstep services rather than stepping out.

Having separate apps for different services can be quite daunting for users, especially those who aren’t well-acquainted with smartphones. Nowadays, there are Super apps that can offer numerous services by culminating them under one roof. With a multi-service app, users can book taxis, order food, shop groceries, pay bills, communicate with friends, and many more. Apps like Gojek, Grab, etc., have gained reasonable success by leveraging this idea. 

With Cambodia returning to normalcy after the minor COVID-19 wave, people in the nation have realized the comfort of availing services via on-demand apps. However, the Southeast Asian nation still expects a major player to reconstruct the on-demand sector. Are you an entrepreneur eyeing to capitalize on the situation by starting a multi-service on-demand app in Cambodia? 

This blog provides you all the details that you need to initiate your multi-service app development in Cambodia.

What are Super apps? 

There are high chances that you’re familiar with Super apps if you’re aspiring to venture into the on-demand app market. Let’s take the classic example of Super apps – Gojek. Gojek is an Indonesia-based startup that set up its business as a ride-hailing platform. After identifying the demand for numerous services among people, Gojek transformed itself into a Super app. Now, Gojek offers more than 20 services under it. Some of the popular ones include ride-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, digital payments, etc. 

Gojek capitalized on the situation and rose to the occasion when on-demand apps were needed the most. Now, there’s a similar scenario due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurs can gain cutting-edge by launching a multi-service on-demand app than a single service-specific app. 

What are the services to consider in a multi-service app? 

Choosing and implementing the right services is crucial during app development. Services lay the foundation for a successful app. Some of the top-performing services that you do not want to miss out on your Gojek clone app include, 

  • Ride-hailing services: Although the transportation industry is facing a downward trend at present, this evergreen sector will resurrect in no time. With a majority of the population depending on taxi services for the daily commute, ride-hailing is a must-have service. 
  • Delivery services: For nearly two quarters of 2020, delivery services have grown exponentially. As a result, ensure that you include multiple delivery services like food, grocery, alcohol, flower, medicine, medical cannabis, etc. This way, you can enhance user engagement rates significantly. 
  • Digital payment services: Transacting via cash has become outdated. With people preferring safe and secure payment options, ensure that you include multiple payment services like mobile recharge, electricity bills, etc. 
  • Other on-demand services: Besides the above services, there are numerous other on-demand ideas like home services, social messaging, and many more. It is advisable to analyze your market and include those services that your customers expect. This way, your customers can have a holistic app experience, finding numerous services seamlessly. 

What are the crucial aspects to consider during development? 

Eliminating hurdles and emerging successfully is what determines an entrepreneur’s career. During multi-service app development, you’ll need to focus on specific key aspects to boost your chances of success. They include, 

  • Verify service providers for their authenticity: Your quality of services greatly depends on service providers. Hence, ensure that you verify service providers before enabling them to provide services. Asking service professionals to upload documents for verification is an ideal way. 
  • Integrate a fluid interface design: Being a multi-service app, customers can get lost in their search to identify their desired services. A simple app design eliminates this aspect. An informative app design, guiding users towards services, can set the tone for a highly reliable app. 
  • Work on the app’s back-end: Most entrepreneurs commit this grave mistake – working lucratively on the front-end and providing significantly less focus on the back-end. Your back-end holds the key for storing user details, sustaining user traffic, and processing orders & transactions. Hence, provide the utmost care during your back-end development. 

How to start a multi-service on-demand app business in Cambodia? 

Starting a business in the Kingdom of Cambodia is a straightforward task. The steps involved in starting a business in Cambodia include, 

  • Registering your company name with the Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia (MoC). 
  • Upon registering, submit the necessary documents and pay the registration fee. 
  • After submitting the documents, get the company certificate within a few days. 
  • After this step, you await your company’s approval from the business registration official. 
  • Once your application has been approved, your company will be incorporated immediately, and the certificate of incorporation will be issued. 


In this modern era, smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives. With almost every business exploring the online medium, it is high-time entrepreneurs make the most out of the current situation. Gathering numerous services under a single app can propel your popularity and boost your profits substantially. In a developing market like Cambodia, all you need is a robust app by your side to gain a stronghold of the market. 

Reach out to an app development company, tell them your needs & services, and launch a trendsetting Gojek clone app right away! 

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