Ultimate Guide To Scholarships In Kuala Lumpur International Schools

The world of scholarships is tangled with a lot of confusion. Hence, it is perhaps no surprise that not many students and parents know much about it.

If you are looking for someone to guide you with Malaysia’s educational scholarship, this article will help you by clearing all the confusion by giving you a better perspective.

Many scholarships are available for the benefit of students. However, it can be overwhelming to see the requirements needed by the scholarship providers. As a student, you might be aware of scholarships provided by the institutions, their benefits, and the eligibility criteria.

In this article, we will clarify all your doubts regarding an Educational Scholarship in Malaysia.

  • Types of scholarships

Malaysia offers 4 types of scholarships to students.

1a. Outstanding Scholarships

These scholarships are for academically incredible students, who have leadership personalities and are considered excellent in extracurricular activities. In addition, this type of scholarship waives out almost all your tuition fees, accommodation, and sometimes little necessities such as books and technology.

These scholarships are for limited students but are very beneficial and the application process of this scholarship is uncompromising and all criteria have to be met.

1b. Academic Scholarships

Such educational scholarships are for those students who have remarkable academic results. ( preferably 5 a’s in SPM). These scholarships waive out partial or sometimes complete tuition fees. The application process for this scholarship is manageable. The only thing you need to ensure is that you score well to earn these scholarships.

1c. Special Talents Scholarships

Scholarships are not only for those students who excel in academics or leadership attributes. For example, the international schools of Kuala Lumpur offer a great opportunity to students who excel in talents like music, acting, and sports. They select students by taking a practical exam as proof to avail this scholarship

1d. Needs-based Scholarships

If you suffer from any past trauma, disability, and financial crisis, then these scholarships are an excellent fit for you. International schools of Kuala Lumpur understand your needs and provide you with the best they can. To earn these scholarships, you need to show them your income certificates and in addition, some institutions might call you for an interview.

Where can you search for scholarships?

Now that you are aware of the educational scholarships offered in Malaysia, you must know the providers who offer these types of scholarships.


Educational scholarships such as JPA and JPA MARA are traditional scholarships for the students of Malaysia. Earlier, they offered scholarships for students who wished to study abroad, but now, because of a cut in the budget, the scholarships are offered to local institutes only.


Some companies are linked with the government (also known as GLC), which offers students with outstanding scholarships. Some companies may ask you for bonds and restrict you to specific degrees and some of these prominent companies that provide scholarships are Yayasan Khazanah and PETRONAS.

  Private Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Institutions

Some colleges, universities, and international schools in Kuala Lumpur may offer scholarships like GIIS’ 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship 

This scholarship helps to balance academia with extracurricular activity and is carefully woven into every element of the GIIS ecosystem. Some scholarships may waive all your tuition fees, or some will waive partial tuition fees. The selection will be based on your academic performance.

3. Tips to earn an Educational Scholarship

 3a. Plan out a strategy

Before applying for scholarships, you must plan how much financial aid is needed and you must be aware of the providers. If you plan for PETRONAS or JPA MARA, you should not waste your time on just one or two providers. Try to expand your sources and apply for a decent amount of scholarships. However, do not overwhelm yourself with too many applications for they will overwhelm you.

3b. Start preparing

Since you have decided on what scholarship you need, it is better to start collecting all the materials. Even if the providers are not accepting applications, it is better that you have researched everything beforehand. Start organizing all the documents and certificates you need for your application. Check minimum requirements and field of study to avoid any inconvenience. Pen down a priority list with deadlines so that you don’t miss out on any important day. Make sure that you fill in your documents a week before the submission date.

3c. Don’t hesitate to be unique

If you are asked to submit an essay, then try to be as authentic as you can. Do not try to plagiarise your essay content from the internet. Evaluators generally like people who write their original essays. They can quickly point out unreal and reused essays. Keep in mind that your original essays will depict what you think and how you are, so grab this opportunity to showcase the best version of yourself.

Final words

We hope we have cleared all the doubts you had about scholarships to the top international school in Kuala Lumpur. These pointers will help you guide in the right direction when you make up your mind to go for an educational scholarships. But do not forget that you get a scholarship only when you apply for it. So try to apply for one you need and pursue your education towards successful outcomes.

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