Heard Of Cryolipolysis for Fat Loss? Here’s How it Works

What is cryo lipolysis?

Crypolypolysis follows the fat freezing technique to contour your body and bring out and well-shaped figure. It is a completely non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that uses low temperature to freeze the excess subcutaneous fat cells of some specific areas of some body parts where exercise and diet do not work well. The complete treatment has been designed in such a way that neutralizes the deposited fat and bulges of specific areas. You must have a clear idea that it is not a weight-loss treatment. Therefore, Crylipolysis is not a suitable treatment for a significantly obese person. The cosmetic surgeon also termed the treatment as CoolSculpting.

Which body parts of the body are the most suitable for Cryopolipolysis?

The food and drug administration (FDA) has been approved cryo lipolysis treatment to dissolve subcutaneous fat deposits beneath the upper arms, chin, outer thighs, and inner thighs, love handles (hip/flank), brassiere rolls, underneath the buttocks, lower back.

How does cryo lipolysis perform?

The treatment is usually performed under a doctor’s chember or a certified cosmetic care clinic. It is an outpatient procedure. Therefore patients don’t need to stay there for days. You will be released at night or day after night. The doctor will assess the shape and framework of the accumulated fat, also outlined the area that needs to be treated with a skin marking pencil. The patient has their sense during the treatment. During the treatment, the surgeon uses an applicator or a hand-held device to freeze the adipocytes or fat cells beneath the skin. In the first step, a gel pad will be applied to the area to completely clean the skin. Next, the fatty bulge will be sucked through the vacuum of the applicator through a hollow opening. Most of the patients feel pulling or tugging sensation. The consequence will be a very chilled feeling with the sensation of stinging, cramping, aching, tingling. It only takes 10 minutes to completely remove adipocyte tissue from a single area. The process starts from numbing the target area to cooling down the process. The fat cell layer gradually dissolved at the targeted temperature of 30.2-39.2 degrees Fahrenheit. To dissolve the fat cells of a single area is one hour. After the area has been treated, your doctor will remove the suction-based applicator. The nurse will massage the target area for 2 to 3 minutes to support the disintegration of fat cells.

How the cell will be destroyed with cryo lipolysis?

The process is prepared on the basis of finding out the subcutaneous fat cells which are more prone to disintegrate at freezing temperature than other normal cells such as normal melanocytes. The freezing temperature damage the membrane of the fat cells. When the membrane of the fat cells gets injured, the injury instigates an inflammatory response via the body, and the consequence is the death of the fat cells. White blood cells like Macrophages and another part of the immune system eliminates the dead fat cells from the body.

How much amount of localized fat can be eliminated from cryo lipolysis and when will you start to observe the consequence?

Research and scientific studies have been proved that the average amount of fat eliminated between 15 to 28 % within four months after the first session of treatment. You will notice the changes in appearance within 3 weeks after treatment you can observe dramatic results within 60 days.

Significant advantages of cryo lipolysis:

There are a lot of advantages to cryo lipolysis:

  • There is no necessity for an incision. Thus the treatment is completely non-invasive and treatment is scarless
  • It is a high-risk procedure, there is no risk of infection and other complication
  • It is an outpatient procedure so you don’t need to stay multiple days after cryo lipolysis.
  • Doctors do not apply sedation or anesthesia before conducting the procedure
  • Multiple areas can be treated in a single session
  • Most of the patients can go back to their normal life with regular activities immediately after treatment as there is no downtime.
  • The treatment used to conduct irrespective of gender and irrespective of male
  • There will be no disintegration of blood vessels, muscles, and do not harm the skin in the targeted area.
  • Freezing cells have been disintegrated or destroyed safely and the body’s immune system including Microphage, B cell, and T cell removes them from the body.
  • A major number of patients feel significantly confident. The treatment is aesthetic and improves self-esteem due to their contoured appearance.

Disadvantages of cryo lipolysis?

  • The procedure is only suggested for the patient who has better general health with no bone-related orthopedic and neurologic abnormalities. Patients who are searching for spot reduction techniques for some specific areas of the body. Cryolipolysis is not a favorable option for obese or overweight people. There will be a chance of skin surface irregularities, not being smooth after healing. Multiple sessions may require to get a desirable outcome.

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