Hedonic Adaptation, Ephemeral Pleasure, and Addiction Prevention

We live in a consumer society in which we educate to think that we should consume increased products, in search of personal satisfaction. Most advertising aims at making us believe that more is better and that we are always one product away from getting everything we want. We offer best services for Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore.

Being expose to so much information of this type has generated a psychological phenomenon known as ” hedonic adaptation “, from which the feeling of dissatisfaction that most of us have could be understood.

Hedonic adaptation refers to the ability of people to get use to pleasure, causing that once one desire is satisfied, they feel the need to fulfill another. This concept first used in the late 1990s by psychologist to compare impulse gratification to a rat running on a wheel, called the hedonic wheel.

Constant Search for Well-Being Through Consumption

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore
Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore

That is to say, the human being will always be in the constant search for his well-being through consumption, but he will never reach a final goal. This is one of the main reinforcers for the establishment of addiction. Consumption, I feel the “pleasure” of the effect of the substance and as soon as this effect decreases or disappears. I repeat the consumption to maintain the sensation of pleasure.

With the continuity of these consumptions over time, the person suffering from the addiction has the need to consume more quantities in less time to nevertheless feel less pleasure, until reaching compulsive and uncontrolled consumption.

Fleeting Pleasure

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore
Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore

Hedonic adaptation is also responsible for the pleasure being so short-lived. Every time we buy something we feel excited about what we will do with it, but in a few minutes the taste can run out and the need for more returns.

To stop the inertia of hedonic adaptation and achieve a change in the route, it recommends to learn to enjoy what you already have in the present. Let us remember that consumption is based on the idea that it is never enough, so it is better to forget the possibility that the next product will make us happy, because the answer does not lie there but in knowing how to enjoy what we already have and what we already are.

Ties such as friendships, couple, and family relationships, as well as few properties with which we maintain a healthy relationship, can be enough to make us feel comfortable and happy. The key is in the way these goods perceived. And, if gratitude and fullness maintained, people will achieve comprehensive well-being no matter how much we have.

What Addiction Can Cause

An addiction can cause a family to change completely. Since the behavior of the patient influences coexistence and modifies the dynamics of the home. Most family members prefer to deny the problem, and when they accept it, many choose to keep it a secret.

The Relatives of The Addict and Their Feelings

Drugs can sink people, but not only addicts, but their family that suffers and always sinks with them.

It is difficult to express the suffering in words, the family member knows what he feels and what he is going through. He probably feels completely powerless while at the same time having a desire to help, but he does not know how.

The drug causes changes in chemical processes in the brain that affect thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Addicts enter a circle in which they spin and do not perceive the exit. Frequently they steal the money and go into illegal businesses to get the money that will offer them a brief “moment of glory” and a lot of negative consequences.

Drugs And Family Relationships

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore
Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore

The drug addict cannot hide his problem forever. When his neighbors find out, the addict’s family destroys relationships.

The addict usually reacts with the words “it was just a try, it won’t happen again”, but these words never fulfill.

Addicts are not aware of the level of addiction and deceive themselves and others, saying that everything is under their control, although they are far from it. When the family catches them a second time, disappointment and loss of trust occur.

Confidence is like a mirror, once broken, it is no longer the same as before. Addicts are not aware of this and that is why they return to harm their loved ones.

It is common for the family to blame themselves and believe that they made a mistake. For this reason, specialists agree that the family also needs help to deal with it and they consider that keeping it a secret is not the solution, since the addiction will continue.

Family members need their own therapy. With therapy, psychologists explain, families learn to let go of the feeling of guilt, not to feel alone, to say what they feel without fear of judge and, especially, not to think that they are the worst in the world, an idea very common among them.

How Far Can We Take Care of The Loved One Who Suffers from Addiction?

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore
Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore

What an addict wants is to have a roof over his head, not to lack food, money and to have a comfortable life to continue consuming. Many times, we believe that we love the person by offering all this, but we are doing just the opposite. We must not believe any more lies, continue to give him money or the possibility of spending, or put on a good face when he is doing the wrong thing, justify it, look the other way.

Addiction is a disease and it must tackle, as soon as possible, by means of a professional and always with firmness and commitment towards oneself. If my spouse is sick, I am not going to lose my health because of him, I am going to help him as much as I can, but not as he or she wants. I must give her access to the necessary tools to get her out, but knowing that I am not the right person to treat her.

What Is the Limit to Say Enough, To Stop Offering That Help?

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore
Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Lahore

The limit to help an addicted family member is set by himself: help always must put on the table, but it is the addict who must choose to take it. We are going to help you choose by offering you the possibilities of recovery, or, if not, of separation or breakup of the relationship or… the street. It is the best way; you cannot help otherwise.

The limit is determined by the problem itself: when some time has passed and the person continues to use, when they lack money or act dishonestly, or disappear from home for a few days, or do not respond to work or family, when they do not take care of the children, the brother. That can determine the limit of what we must do.

But it is the addict’s own relatives who decide when to stop, and we know that people’s capacity for suffering is great. Now, we must be clear that we must be firm where we choose to set the limit, because the moment we stop exceed that limit, our self-esteem as companions will come down

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