How to help your friend with a move

No matter whether one is moving across the city or country, the work is really not a game of children. The struggle remains the same even if you are moving to a new place solo or along with your family and pets. If your friend is going to shift to another place, and you want to help him in the whole process, then today you will get plenty of ideas for helping your friend in his move. Do read it out and get the way to help your friend with a move.

Bring them food

People usually forget to sit down and eat in the hurry to pack endless boxes. Since kitchen counters are covered and all the materials are packed, cooking becomes impossible. The whole shifting process is really exhaustible. No matter if you are hiring packers and movers or going for local trucks, both require your attention and hard work.

 So a good appetite is really important to keep your friend healthy. In such a case, you can prepare a meal for your friend and his family. Try to bring something that can be eaten utilizing minimum utensils. Also, bring some snacks which can keep them going afterward.

Help them with pets

A move can be daunting for the pets as well. If your friend is having pets, then here too you can help him. Since your friend is busy with all the packing stuff, here you can take care of the pets. Meanwhile, your friend is busy and you can take the pets for a good walk.

Apart from it, you should also offer your friend to keep the pets at your place until the whole process of packing and loading is being done. If you do this then you’ll make your friend’s task pretty easy. As we all are aware of the chaos these furry creatures do in the house

Create a packing playlist

If you want to make your friend super energized in the whole process of packing, then what can be better than music. Songs are something that has the capability of changing every mood. No matter how happy you are in your personal life, but suddenly after listening to a sad track, your mood changes a bit, doesn’t it?

So just to distract your friend from all the stress of packing, create a nice playlist for him. Playing good and energetic songs will change the complete vibe of the house. Leaving an old place can be a bit nostalgic too, so to remove all those emotional sides play a jolly track, and you are done.

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Help in getting rid of useless stuff

There is no intelligence in moving to a new place with old trash. But eliminating them is not easy. People in the country are really attached to the goods. So it becomes really tough to motivate your friend to remove the useless stuff. For this what you need to do is, while your friend is packing help him out and organize items into yes or no.

The yes items included stuff that needs to be packed, while the no denotes the trash that needs to be either donated, thrown, or recycled. By doing this you will be able to help your friend in piling up things.  Apart from it, you can also give company to your friend while donating the goods.

Help with extra supplies

When it comes to moving, then while packing one never has enough boxes or packing materials. If you are not sure about the stuff that your friend might need then call him and ask what the things are that are running low.

After knowing the fact, ask them to pick them up and drop them off at your friend’s place. While your friend is packing, it will be difficult for him to stop that work and rush to the shop to pick up the box. So by simply picking up the box and dropping it can work.

Help while packing

Packing goods is the most difficult part of the move. The biggest favor that you can offer to your friend is by assisting them in it. By this, you will speed up the whole process of packing and will help out your friend’s procrastination battle. You are not asked to do half of the packing, but at least assist in whatever you can.

Not all the time friends are available to do help sometimes because they also have a job or other works and if you want to move which is far from your this home then you think to hire packers and mover Mumbai to Delhi to move easily

Give them your company

Just your presence can be enough while it comes to help your friend during a move. There might be a chance that your friend is capable of doing stuff or moving on his own. But he won’t mind if you will give a bit of a distraction.

Ask your friend to simply sit, have a cup of tea, and talk. This will help him in refreshing his mind. By this, you can spend a bit of last time together as your friend is moving to a new place. Make memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.


These were some ways by which you can help your friend with a move. In today’s life we all are busy, but taking out time for your friend should be a priority, and that too when he is relocating to a new place.

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