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How A Touchless Car Wash Is Better For Your Car

Touchless car washes, known better as automated car washes, are very underrated in terms of getting your car clean in a hurry and with optimum convenience. These automated car wash options are one of three major types. You have personal (or hand) wash options, where you typically drive into an open-faced port and put quarters into a machine to purchase your soap and water. You have to manually do all the brushing and spraying. Then you have an automatic wash where you drive through those huge rotating brushes while the machines scrub and spray. Automated car washes are the third major type and they’re called “touchless” because there are no brushes or scrubbing. Is this type of car wash better for your automobile?

A Real Time Saver

The first way this type of wash may be better for your car is that there isn’t any soap or scrubbing involved. With an automated touchless wash, your car is simply sprayed with water to get all of the dirt off. This means that the car wash is going to be a lot quicker for you. If you work a tight schedule and don’t have a lot of time, an automated wash is beneficial because you can drive right through and have the high-powered hoses spray your car down. There’s no waiting for the soapy layer, or for rotating brushes to go over your car like it’s in some giant washing machine. You can get in and out in a hurry.

Less Expensive Than Other Washes

Another great benefit of a touchless car wash is that it’s a lot less expensive than your typical washing options. When you go to that DIY manual wash, for instance, it’s going to cost you a few dollars to get your soap. By the time you figure out how to swing the brush around to reach all the areas of the car, your time’s up and you’re putting more quarters in. Then it’s more for the spray. With automatic washes using the giant brushes, you have to pay a larger fee upfront before you even drive through the little tunnel. Touchless wash options are cheaper, as you’re just moving through water jets. Especially in these tough economic times, the prices for those other methods are going up to adjust for inflation, but water isn’t increasing in price as much as soap, so you get to save more.

Great Availability

Touchless car washes are also available around the calendar year and it doesn’t matter what season it is. For those manual washes, most are closed down during the late fall season and for all of the winter months. Those automatic brush washes are only open typically when shop owners want to keep them open, and this also means that you’re likely not going to find them opened up in winter. With touchless options, the weather doesn’t play a big role here. As long as you’re not experiencing some freak weather event like all the water freezing entirely, you’re likely going to find that an automated car wash is fully open for you. This means you don’t have to wait until spring or fill up a bucket in your driveway. It’s a convenient way to get one of the many services a car requires.

Safer for Your Paint

Many people ask the same question: Are touchless car washes safe? The answer here is yes, full stop. When you’re using those drive-through automatic washes, the brushes can damage the paint, knock your mirrors off, and even crack the glass. If they push in too hard or scrub too fast, they can become abrasive and mess up your car. Even those coin-based manual washes are more dangerous because the brushes might be stiff and old, so you could end up scraping your paint off. Touchless options just use water jets, so they’re not going to harm your paint or rearrange your mirrors. They’re safer all around, but especially on your paint job.

In Conclusion

It’s good to have some wash options available because no one wants to drive around in a filthy car. Though when it comes to the best option available, touchless washes just seem to be more beneficial.

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