How can custom burger boxes help your business flourish?

Wikipedia traces the origins of hamburgers to the German city of Hamburg. That’s where the burgers got their name from, or are it the other way round? We will never be sure. But what is established beyond doubt is the global appeal of burgers, as its market is all set to reach USD8.4 billion by 2027. In this multi-billion-dollar industry, custom burger boxes play a pivotal role. They are a comparatively new phenomenon but have taken the industry by storm. Here’s what you need to know everything about custom burger boxes.

Why the need for a custom burger box?

Before custom boxes, the burgers were wrapped in plain boxes, brown bags, or wrapped in paper. It served the purpose, but clearly, it was not good enough. We live in a world of branding and image building, and custom burgers can help you in both these endeavors. They begin to form peoples’ perceptions about the product itself. It made the packaging stand out on its own and gained acceptance in buyers’ eyes. Here’s why custom burger boxes gained popularity.

They look good:

It seems like a cosmetic measure, but the box must look appetizing for an edible item like a burger. It will tempt the customer and lure him into buying the product he may not have wanted to buy initially. That’s the power of packing, and this is what it can do to your business.

It comes in different styles and sizes:

A custom burger box is available in any size or style that you can imagine. It gives the buyer a choice and the freedom to go for any sort he likes. Usually, a mailer box is preferred and used for burgers. But, the sky is the limit here. You can invent your style, and it won’t hurt to have one that reflects your brand value.

Promotes your brand and image:

A custom box can promote your brand like no other. The brand name, logo, company name, etc., get great representation on the custom box. All of these combine to promote your company’s name and its positive image. Don’t think of packages as just containers to hold burgers. They act as your silent brand ambassadors as well.

They can be reused:

You don’t need to discard the packing box after eating the burger. You can also reuse it. It is especially true for custom boxes as they are made with good quality material that can be recycled. While they may not last for ages, even if you can use them for a bit of time, they will still be beneficial.

Go for eco-friendly material for your organic burger range:

When it comes to material, usually, cardboard stock is the material of choice. But, you can also opt for eco-friendly Kraft paper. It is available in brown color and would gel well with your line of organic burgers. You can use it for your non-organic range as well.

It offers a perfect fit:

Custom burger boxes are designed according to the size of your burgers. Therefore, the burger would fit in perfectly, and you won’t have any issues carrying it around. As it is a bespoke box, it uses less material to produce, which creates less wastage, which is good news for the environment. Because you are using less material, you are also making less waste.

Protects the burger inside:

Custom burger boxes ably give all the support a burger could ask for. It will give the burger a snuggle fit and won’t let it fall or get misshaped. Also, the burger will remain fresh, warm, and flavorful in the box. The box’s materials preserve the taste and hotness of burgers, which takes us to our next topic, which is about the boxes’ materials.

Materials for custom burger boxes:

Earlier, we discussed Kraft paper which you can use to produce custom burger packaging. But it is not the only material available to make them. You can also go for other materials like cardboard paper, corrugated sheets, and even recycled plastic. It depends on your personal preference, budget, and the look you want to create for your custom boxes. These materials are quickly and widely available, and they are economical too. Select anyone that you like, and you are good to go.

custom burger boxes
Print add-ons while helping your box stand out:

Nowadays, printing is not just printing colorful images and text on a cardboard sheet. There are several add-on styles that you can use on the boxes to make them appealing to the customer. You should work on your packing as much as you work on your burgers. Your client base would appreciate your effort, and your packaging will attract potential buyers. Following are some of the printing techniques you can use on the boxes.

Embossed or debossed text printing
Gold or silver stamp foiling
UV spot printing
Smooth, dotted, or rough box’s surface
Matte or glossy coating
Printed lamination

These are some methods that are in vogue right now in the printing industry. These will help your packaging look stylish and pretty.

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That was all for our topic of custom burger boxes. We hope as a burger seller you have now fully understood the importance of bespoke packaging and would spend your time and effort on it. In the long run, it will pay you off immensely.


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