How Do I Fix My Logitech Mouse Driver?

Logitech is a popular company that produces high-quality computer accessories. However, if we forget to update the drivers provided by company, then the handy mouse ceases operating. This implies that your product efficiency will suffer and your job will be disrupted. You might also be unable to play your favorite games smoothly.

If you understand what we’re saying, continue reading to discover how to complete the Logitech mouse updates.

Why Should You Update Logitech Mouse Driver?

Even after replacing the batteries & connecting to the correct port you find that Logitech mouse has suddenly stopped operating or it is not functioning properly, you must update Logitech mouse drivers to resolve any issues that may be conflicting with mouse’s operation.

Before you update your mouse driver, just try these simple fixes first.

Follow these simple solutions if your Logitech mouse does not work

  • Detach the mouse from the port and again connect it. See if it works
  • Restart your laptop or computer

Refreshing the mouse is an easy approach to repair a Logitech mouse driver. Unplug the USB from the computer first, followed by the batteries from the mouse. Now wait for couple of minutes before replacing the battery & plugging in the receiver. Try using the mouse again.

  • Put new battery in mouse

The battery in wireless mouse must be changed. If you haven’t replaced it then it’s possible that the cell has died. Replace with the new battery, and restart the mouse.  Reconnect the receiver & try using a Logitech mouse; it will now function.

  • Change USB port

There are possibilities that the USB port to which you have attached the wireless receiver is not operational. As a result, to see if this is causing a problem, attach the device to a different USB port. If your Logitech mouse begins operating again after this, you’ve identified the cause.

  • Do not keep mouse near other electronic objects

You’re probably unaware that electrical things can interact with mouse transmissions. As a result, if you have any gadgets nearby the mouse, then keep them somewhere else.  Alternatively, you may transfer the mouse to a new location where no devices are nearby.

  • Restart laptop or computer

Sometimes some minor error makes a computer or laptop slow and therefore the cursor takes times to move. However this happens rarely but this is one of the reasons of mouse not working. To resolve this it is advised to restart your laptop or computer and then try using the mouse.

  • Connect mouse to other laptop

Just use the wireless mouse on any other computer or laptop to discover which one has the problem.  There is an issue with the gadget if it does not operate with the other computer. If you find that the situation is reversed, the driver is likely to be missing or outdated. In this instance, upgrading to the most recent Logitech device driver for Windows is advised.

  • Update Logitech drivers

Many time the outdated and faulty drivers of Logitech mouse causes this problem and the mouse do not work. To resolve this issue it is important to update the faulty and outdated drivers. Drivers can be updated manually or by Advanced Driver Updater.

Top Ways to update Logitech mouse driver:

 Update mouse driver Logitech manually.

In Windows, Device Manager is where all the problems can be fixed. You can examine all device settings and fix problems. Because the Logitech Wireless Mouse is compatible with all major Windows OS it is possible to update the drivers manually.

  • Press Windows + R key to open Run
  • Type devmgmt.msc and click on Enter

  • Click to expand Mice and other pointing devices

  • Right click on Logitech HID compliant Unifying Mouse and select Update Driver Software
  • Select Search automatically for drivers. New driver will get installed if there is any.

  • Restart computer

How to Automatically update drivers by using Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater is an automatic driver upgrading utility that assists in the repair/updating of obsolete drivers. Moreover, the utility backs up the previous drivers before updating them.

Follow these instructions to use this amazing utility:

  • Click on the link to install Advanced Driver Updater
  • Run Advanced Driver Updater and click on Start Scan Now

  • Wait for the scan to get complete

  • You will get list of all the outdated drivers
  • If you are using an unregistered version, then you will be able to install the drivers one by one, But if you are a registered user, then you can update all the outdated drivers at once.
  • Click on update all, and all the outdated drivers will update automatically.

  • Restart the computer, and you will see the mouse is working


We hope that by utilizing the techniques described above, you will be able to resolve Logitech mouse driver issue and will be able to operate and update the drivers of Logitech mouse in Windows 11,10. Using Advanced Driver Updater makes it simple to update a wireless Logitech mouse driver. Try the automatic driver updater and resolve minor issues quickly.

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