How Do Streaks Work on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a very popular social media platform which is famous among people all across the world and the reason behind its popularity is the amazing features this platform has for the users. One of those features is streaks, which users create on snapchat. 

If you are new to the platform then you might not know about streaks but you do not need to worry as this blog is created for users like you. In this blog; we are going to discuss Snapchat streaks and will let you know how to do streaks on Snapchat.

What are Streaks on Snapchat?

Snapchat streaks are nothing of much importance but are a way to have fun. Streaks are created when two people on snapchat send snaps to each other for consecutive two days; and the number the days of streaks keeps on increasing when those people keep on sending snaps to each other on daily basis. We hope now the users have a brief idea of what are snapchat streaks so let us move ahead and dive into other details.  

What Do the Snap Streak Emojis Mean?

There are many emoticons on snapchat and each one means a different thing. If the readers are using snapchat then they need to be aware of these emoticons. 

Fire – First one is a fire which means a streak that has been created by sending snaps for consecutive days.

100 – 100 appear when the users have created a streak for straight 100 days. 

Hour glass – When streaks with someone is going to end then this hour glass emotion will be shown in front of that person’s name. 

If the users want to know How to get streaks on Snapchat then besides sending snaps every day the users need to look at some rules which is there for creating streaks. 

There are five types of interactions on Instagram which do not get counted in streaks so the users need to focus on this and they need to send snaps separately. 

These types of communication are chatting, stories, memories, snapchat spectacles, group chats, etc. 

How To Create Streak on Snapchat 

Now, the users know how they can create a streak on Snapchat so we would like to give some tips to our readers so that they can get begin creating snapchat streaks

  • First of all the users must begin a streak by finding willing participants who are willing to create streaks with you. 
  • Secondly; the users can use blank photos when they do not have anything to send following this the users can also stick to a particular time of the day when they send snaps daily. 
  • The users should also make streaks with those people only who do not intend to break the streaks and who are willing to send them daily so that their snap scores can increase.  

The users can know how to get snap streaks back by reading further. If somehow the streaks of the users are broken they get they can still get them back if they believe that they have to send snaps daily by contacting the Snapchat support team. Or else, the users can begin to create snap streaks again with their friends.

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