How embedding Facebook feeds boost your website performance

The days are gone, when facebook was a mere photo and video sharing app, that connected you with the entire world. It has come forth as a channel for marketers to promote their business, reach out to the audience and develop the brand value.

The facebook business page is an ideal hub to create social influence. It serves as a doorway for businesses to market to a substantial amount of users. A Facebook Page is a public presence resembling a personal profile, but allows followers to “like” the business or brand. 

Customers receive the updates from the Page on their News Feed, while the brands raise awareness campaigns, deploy and track advertising, collect detailed audience insights, and interact with the  audience who seek customer service.

Marketers have a  flair for questing alternatives which are cheaper, reliable and offer better results. And, they have found a whole new ballgame. Facebook ads are still used by many but have started losing popularity in the last few years.  

Facebook widgets are an array of tools that liberate you from dealing with troublesome embed codes, as well as from some Facebook integration plugins that stuff your WordPress site. Facebook widgets favours your organic social engagement without any extra work on your side. 

Facebook widget : a flashy marketing approach

If you ask about the latest strategy adopted by marketers to increase the reach of their viral content, then Facebook Widget is the answer. Before moving forward with the detailed benefits to embed the facebook feeds, let us see what Facebook Widgets are. 

Facebook widget collects, engaging, viral and comely social media posts, from your Business Facebook page and embed it to your website. The content you add to your social media page will be updated on the site. It is a unified solution to enhance the engagement, traffic & revenue for your brand.

Facebook widget serves all your needs at once such as displaying the posts with the user’s comments, likes, along with that  creating image and video galleries on your website. Marketing your product on the social media has been made simpler and cost effective with the help of facebook widgets. It is relatively cheaper than facebook ads and various marketing campaigns. 

Benefits of using Facebook widgets on your website?

Apart from the diverse functionalities, Facebook widgets offer some additional services that can do wonders to your website and it’s reach.

  • It augments your website’s layout and visual appeal :

We cannot ignore the fact that a website is one of the most critical aspects of a business. Updating it routinely not just with the blogs but with the feeds as well and giving it a contemporary look, will modify the visual appeal of your website effortlessly. The widget will embed them into the site that will suit your needs with nothing extra. 

You can change the widget size and dimensions to give it the frame right for your space requirements. The layout adjusts the widget to any screen resolution and will ensure its balanced look on any device.

Facebook feeds aggregation keeps the website updated and will make it appealing for the users. UGC campaigns furnish live content for the website which makes it a platform for the users to access new content every now and then.

  • Facebook widgets increases engagement :

Facebook widgets  display feeds and user generated content on your website. It creates advertising campaigns with a large user involvement. Delighted at the sight of seeing their stories, experiences and posts on the brand’s website energize them. They get encouraged to submit responses and share the trend among other users.

Integrating facebook feeds in your website drives a reasonable amount of traffic which transposes your website visitors to your loyal customers.. UGC adds up to the engagement by word of mouth as the in-house content is considered partial. 

  • Facebook widget helps in lead engagement :

User generated content leads to mass involvement and their engagement towards the brand. High engagement is a progressive sign which brings about lead generation. Your audience is more interested in knowing what others have to say rather than how marketers promote the brand . 

A strong UGC campaign is the modish marketing strategy. It builds a sense of trust and loyalty towards your brand. High social approval increases brand credibility and enhances reputation among potential customers.

  • Facebook widget is coding-free  :

Embedding facebook widget is completely coding-free and does not require expertise. Your feeds are a few clicks away from your website. 

It is the simplest  tool to grow your business. Facebook widget saves us from the pesky coding techniques and the tricky plugins as well.

  • It builds a relationship with the customers and shows humanized approach  :

Showcasing user generating content on the website helps the brand interact with the users which is otherwise not possible. It makes the customers feel involved. 

UGC adds emotional and relationship building elements in your marketing. Brand loyalty  is seen and the customers are made to feel as a part of the brand.

  • Facebook widgets are economical  :

No more shelling out the sky-high prices for marketing your brand . Facebook widgets do that in a cost effective way. User generated content is a reliable source of displaying your brand’s authenticity as the content is entirely generated by the audience. Facebook widgets display this credible information on your website making it reliable.

  • Facebook widgets can be customized  :

The major issue that arises while creating feeds is the pre designed templates which cannot be customized. Facebook widgets are feature-rich which makes your website look appealing

Its powerful tools, theme catalogs, designs, layouts, color scheme and many more personalization features, makes it compatible with any website.

In the nutshell, Facebook widget is the cheapest tool available which saves you from the exorbitant prices of the other marketing strategies.

The brands need not to get blown away by the enticing offers of the ad agencies for increasing the brand awareness and building trust among their users. 

Get it done with just a few clicks.

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