How Grocery Delivery Apps Are Transforming the Traditional Shopping Experience?

The corona age has brought a drastic change in the way we live and work. Instead of visiting a supermarket or a nearby grocery store, customers prefer to give orders online and get groceries delivered at their doorstep. There, customized grocery delivery apps come into the picture. Think of Grofers and Instacart. All these apps have enhanced the shopping experience by providing more convenience.

Importance of Grocery Delivery Apps

Unlike traditional grocery shopping, app-based online shopping enables users to get rid of standing in a long queue for bill payment. Shoppers can place their orders from anywhere and get the delivery right at their doorsteps with ease. What’s more, as a grocery store owner, you can facilitate your customers to pay online as per their convenient method using the grocery delivery app.

We live in a digital era and the online grocery app can take your business to a new level as you can give a personalized experience to your customers and increase the loyal customer base. Also, the impressive UI of grocery delivery apps can help grocers retain customers with their business for a long time. As per the CNBC estimate, online grocery sales will cover around 20% of the market, and the grocery delivery apps will play a vital role in achieving this target.

Here are the top eight ways grocery app changes the traditional shopping experience-

How Grocery Delivery Apps Transform Traditional Shopping Experience

  1. Easy Price Comparison

Most grocery delivery apps provide price comparison feature. As compared to offline or traditional shopping, it is easier to compare things online, and customers can compare various items without leaving the app easily. Price comparison makes shopping more pleasant and customers put trust in your business. In a way, you can get a loyal customer base in a short time.

  1. Reviews and Ratings

Shoppers prefer asking their friends and relatives before buying various items. They can either go through online reviews of the products or use social media to get opinions. When grocery delivery apps provide reviews and rating feature, they can easily check all the reviews regarding the specific products. It saves their time and assists them to make informed decisions for buying various products. The review and rating feature can make shopping more convenient and customers feel that they have bought genuine and reliable products.

  1. Budget Maintenance

Every time customers add items to the cart, they can see the total value of products they are about to purchase. Unlike traditional shopping, app-based shopping enables them to buy things as per their budget. While roaming into the supermarket, it is difficult to calculate or think of the total cost of purchased items, which leads to unnecessary chaos at the billing counter and shoppers may need to reconsider their purchases. Online shopping facilitates the app users to keep a check on the total cost and assist them to buy products accordingly.

  1. No Unnecessary Buying

Traditional shopping has a risk of buying unnecessary items because while roaming into the supermarket, one may not able to restrict themselves to particular products. App-based shopping, on the other hand, enables customers to take a focused approach for buying necessary items. Though ‘People bought this product also buy’ and ‘Recommended for You’ sections show various related items, it is easier in app to avoid the unnecessary purchase. It can save money and the efforts of the customers.

  1. Bulk Buying Facility

Shoppers may not buy items in bulk because, at times, supermarkets and brick-and-mortar stores do not give them an option to doorstep delivery. As a result, even if the customers require products in bulk, they have to purchase in quantity they can carry. This is not the case in grocery delivery app-based shopping. If an app user wants to buy any products in bulk, the robust delivery network of the grocer can deliver the products at the app user’s doorstep with ease. This is one of the biggest benefits of app-based or online shopping.

  1. Digital Offers

Though brick-and-mortar grocery stores provide festival discounts and supermarkets offer flat discounts or cashback, they cannot beat the app-based offers. The grocery delivery app can save a lot of time, effort, and money for retailers, and they can pass this benefit by offering special discounts and coupons along with cashback and other offers. On one hand, such digital offers can save the customer’s money, and on the other hand, retailers can increase their sales.

  1. Personalized Experience

Many customers visit brick-and-mortar grocery stores every day. It is not possible for the grocer to give everyone a personalized experience. There, grocery delivery apps lend a helping hand. You can provide the app users a personalized experience through notifications, promotional offers, and other ways. It gives shoppers a special feeling of recognition, and they remain loyal customers for your grocery business.

  1. Push Notifications

You can keep your customers updated with new offers, new products, and other useful information through push notifications. Push notifications can enable you to provide personalized experience to your customers and as your customers can act fast to leverage the benefits of promotional schemes, you can increase sales.

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, it is beneficial for grocers to come up with a feature-rich and future-ready grocery delivery app. The recent pandemic age has changed our shopping habits, and this trend will remain for a long time. A customized grocery app will assist grocers to make the most of this trend.

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