How long is PRINCE2 qualification?

As you can see, the choice between a PRINCE certification and a PMP certification isn’t all that clear cut. PMP certification has more benefits than a PRINCE certification because PMP certification is more popular. A lot of companies, especially those in Canada, offer PRINCE certification training, but they don’t offer PMP certification training. This is because companies tend to prefer PMP certifications over PRINCE certifications.

A PRINCE certification is often easier to get. A PRINCE certification costs about $20 and you only need to pass one exam to get it. However, PMP certification requires that you pass several exams, which cost hundreds of dollars. This means that you will Prince2 project management have to pay for many hours of training before you can become certified in PMP. If you are in a field that is dominated by PMP certifications, you might consider getting a PMP certification.

PMP certifications are offered in many different countries and there are people who do PMP certifications across Canada. However, you will usually need to take the test in a country where the company that offers the certification has its headquarters. For instance, if you want to get certified in the United States, you should consider taking the PMP certification exam in Canada.

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