How Mobile App Development Transforms Ecommerce Business

In this digital world, the corporate sector counts upon mobile apps for increasing brand value and improving customer experience. Business organizations, irrespective of their size and types, have started leveraging the benefits of mobile apps to attract new clients and increase sales. Though mobile app development favors all the industry sectors, we can consider eCommerce, retail, and healthcare sectors are some of its biggest beneficiaries. 

Talking about the eCommerce sector, many online store owners want to build an eCommerce app to gain a competitive edge over peers and get a large customer base. As a result, mobile app development developers have to think innovatively to meet diverse business needs and build unique apps. Here we are going to discuss how mobile apps can transform the eCommerce business and why your eCommerce company needs an app. 

Top Factors that Make Mobile Apps Essential for E-Commerce Business

  • Excellent Shopping Experience- Let’s face it! The pandemic age has forced people to stay at home. Worldwide, people tend to avoid going out and stand in a queue for buying things or making payments. There, mobile apps remain handy for them. They can easily give orders online and get the delivery at their doorstep. Even brick-and-mortar stores have started bringing dedicated apps to enhance the convenience of their customers. 

It is fair to mention that a dedicated mobile app gives a much better shopping experience than a responsive website or a web application. Apart from giving a competitive edge, the mobile app can give your eCommerce business a new identity and assist to make a brand. 

  • Convenience and Preference- It is an undeniable fact that people prefer smartphones to access the Internet over laptops or PCs. A mobile app can help shoppers search and shop on the move. There is no need for your customers to remember the long URL and login details for your website as the app stays on their smartphones. Mobile apps are also faster than the browser that provides a more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. 

What’s more, a dedicated eCommerce mobile app can strengthen the credibility of your business and customers put more trust in your brand. A Statista report has revealed that the number of users making purchases using mobile has grown exponentially in recent time, which shows that mobile apps are preferred by many people worldwide. 

  • Enhanced Customer Support- As compared to a website, the help section of the mobile app appears more helpful to your customers. As an eCommerce store owner, you can stay connected with your customers easily and resolve their queries effectively using a mobile app. This enhanced support can assist you to retain customers to your business for a long time. Also, eCommerce mobile apps can be easily connected to social media channels to increase customer engagement. 
  • Increased Loyalty- Installing a mobile app shows that the customer is interested in your company, however, we cannot say the same for every visitor to your business website. Once the customer has downloaded your app, you can keep them engaged in many ways. For example, you can send them push notifications regularly for discount offers and new arrivals, you can run a loyalty program on the app for rewarding your regular customers, you can also offer in-app discounts for specific products, etc. Altogether, a mobile app can assist you to get a loyal customer base over the period. 

Simply put, the potential customers who have downloaded your app can convert easily into loyal customers through an app.

  • Improved Conversion Rate- Excellent UX (User Experience)  and engaging UI (User Interface) of your eCommerce mobile app can convert potential customers into regular customers more easily as compared to the website. A recent survey conducted by eMarketer has mentioned that around 25% of iOS users and 20% of Android users open the eCommerce mobile app at least once a day after installing it. However, this number drops to 3.2% and 3.3% respectively after a month. There, you can utilize various engagement techniques to increase the conversion rate.

Ease of access, secure payment, short and simple checkout, and easy navigation are some of the important elements of a mobile app that contribute to increasing the conversion rate. These factors encourage users to spend more time on your app and thereby increasing the conversion rate.

  • Anytime Access- This is one of the biggest advantages of mobile apps over the website. As your app is placed on the customer’s smartphone, it continuously reminds your customers about your business. Also, whenever they need something, they can easily give orders using your app from anywhere. As compared to an eCommerce website, the mobile app is more accessible and convenient. 

All these six aspects are exclusive to mobile apps and contribute to enhancing your brand reputation and increase sales. 


Wrapping Up

The thriving eCommerce sector is highly competitive and startups find it difficult to mark their presence while facing many odds. Mobile apps, with advanced features and excellent functionality, can help eCommerce companies grab new market opportunities while addressing the customer’s expectations. Mobile apps give a competitive edge to eCommerce companies by offering many benefits. 

On one hand, the app enables you to leverage the benefits of technological advancements, and on the other hand, it assists you to enhance the customer’s experience. Apart from the six aspects mentioned above, eCommerce app development enables your business to become more customer-friendly in many ways. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that eCommerce mobile apps have great potential for revenue growth by transforming business processes.

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