How Motivation Helps you in Better Growth?


Motivation is the most important aspect in terms of personal development. Motivation not only helps in doing the work in the right way but also helps in the positive push even if things go wrong. It’s not always that the person will get things rightly and quickly, sometimes there are the things which create a lot of stress in one’s life but one should do the things appropriately and effectively to get the positive final results. This will require motivation and patience which again work hand in hand in your growth. You will, later on, see the one-line motivational quotes in Hindi as these will help in the positive growth of the individual. 

What is motivation?

Motivation is not only the physical aspect but it includes various aspects like biological, emotional, social, cognitive aspects that showcase your actual behavior. It is generally termed as the driving force behind your actions. Motivation is therefore important whenever you start or do something new. This driving force helps in positivity and effectiveness in terms of any type of work you do. Motivation helps in directing actions for a particular thing and optimistically activating your behavior. You can also see the one-line motivational quotes in Hindi that are mentioned below to give you a deep knowledge of things. 

Importance of Motivation

  • Motivation is the most vital aspect of human life. It contributes to almost every factor. It will help you know about your goals wisely and make your work effective as you will be positive and will not be thinking about the results. 
  • Results are secondary so don’t stress about the results. Just work on the parameters initially and be positive for the things, and just don’t worry about the outcomes. 
  • Motivation helps you in knowing your unique characters. Which just fade away when you are stressed about the outcomes rather than the initial work. 
  • Motivation usually changes the pathway of thinking, feeling, and some aspects of behavior. 
  • With motivation, you get enhanced well-being, personal growth and you know about the purposes wisely. 

Types of Motivation

There are various types of motivation that help you grow positively. Some of them are listed below for your reference.

Extrinsic Motivation

This is the type of external motivation. It is believed that external motivation works more effectively than any other type of motivation. People today are nowadays influenced by external rewards, praises, and a lot more stuff like that. This type of motivation works more effectively as the person tries to do better if they get applauded by the other individuals.

Intrinsic Motivation:

This is the type of internal motivation which is usually activated when the person gets motivated by things on their own. This is the type of motivation that is also effective as people try to perform better when they want to be like someone who has already established themselves in different terms.


This is the type of internal motivation but in this case, a person tries to motivate themselves from various aspects. Try to be better day by day with thinking and managing things on your own. People usually read quotes and various other writeups like one-line motivational quotes in Hindi to work through the inner self. 

Incentive Motivation:

This is the type of motivation in which the person is motivated to perform several tasks to get the potential rewards. People use incentive motivation to boost career progression and earning ability. 

Achievement Motivation:

This type of motivation enables the person to perform and achieve specific objectives. You commit yourself to an appropriate vision and accomplishing objectives then thinking of attaining awards.

Power Motivation

: This is the type of motivation when you spend a heavy time making up your goals and work on them to control your livelihood.

Fear Motivation:

This is the type of motivation that comes from your inner self. In this, you have fear of something or maybe the fear of results which motivate you to do a better job.

Affiliation Motivation

This is also termed social motivation. This type of motivation helps in increasing the social circle and social interaction. You become dedicated to your work and career choices with this type of motivation.

Expectancy motivation

This is the type of motivation that is derived from the desires of the outcomes. This person is motivated by the thoughts of the results depending on different situations.

How to make use of Motivation

Motivation should be used wisely in different terms and conditions. Some of the factors that contribute towards the usage of motivation are:  

Create Goals for your work

Be sure about your goals and while telling them to the other person.

Measure your progress timely to make the best out of your work.

Always be happy about the small things so try to reward yourself for your good work.

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