How Much Does it Cost to Hire React Developer?

React has been the preferred framework for application development software to build collaborative and dynamic web applications for product owners. It offers a variety of features, including high performance, balance, reliability, flexibility, etc. Among other features available earlier, if you select React and ask yourself how much it costs to hire a responsive developer, you have come to the right blog post. covering all the aspects a business owner should consider. Let’s take a look at the cost of upgrading React, the cost of hiring a React developer from different regions, and many other ways to develop rich React applications.


ReactJS is very popular for building fast and easy-to-understand interactive UI components. React is a front-end open source library. However, it is widely regarded as a framework. React has a recorded download value of 58.99 M, and its growing popularity has attracted many industry giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and many more.

The first step to successful project development is to consider riding a competent developer with the right budget to develop the application you want. Let’s dig into the factors that affect the cost of developing a React app.

Factors Affecting Application Development Costs

If you are looking for web application development using React, check out the features below that affect React app development costs, such as project size, rental model, complex features, and third-party integration.

Project Size

One of the most important things to consider in developing a React application is the size of the project and the needs you have to make your product marketable. The cost of development varies depending on the requirement of your product. Development time increases while meeting project requirements. Automatically affects the cost of upgrading the React app.

The size of the projects always depends on the type of application you want to have in order to meet your needs. ReactJs supports various types of application development. Below is a list of application types that can affect project size.

One of the most common and widely used program types is Page One Applications (SPAs). This type of application does not require a page reload from the end-user. A popular example of SPAs is Google Maps and Gmail.

Business Level Programs collect additional user data. Therefore, these types of applications require highly efficient servers to maintain application performance.

Social Network Application – Perform as the UI library fits well with the SPA in a powerful communication app. React has the added advantage of Websockets making real-time data processing easier on social networks.

Complex Features

Having the number of features in your settings captures additional user attention. In most cases, simple features are free, while complex features are paid for, which increases the cost of development. A few examples of complex features are payment integration, map integration, video streaming, etc. These features also require a special skill set to integrate them into your app.

Rental Model

Application development costs will also vary depending on the rental model you choose in the development of your application. Fixed price model and model dedicated to two engagement models.

A fixed price model has certain fixed requirements and a budget where it is required to complete a project within a given deadline. These models are preferred by business owners who have small and consistent needs for their digital products.

Third-Party Integration

The involvement of third parties in web application development affects the cost of React application development. External library integration is also part of the third-party integration used to create interactive and attractive applications. The integration of external library companies sometimes reduces the performance of applications. In order to maintain a highly developed application with this integration, business owners must bear the cost, ultimately raising the cost of upgrading React.

UI / UX Design

React app development costs may vary depending on the design of your application. Basic design requires minimal upgrade costs, and when it comes to high-quality, attractive user interaction design, it requires additional features at a certain cost. However, in order to get more attention from users to produce a business, maintaining a decent budget for web application development is necessary.

Cost of Hiring a Remote Remote developer: Area Prices

Application development costs vary depending on where you would like to hire the Reactjs app development company. The average cost of application development in countries like the USA is $ 57, and in Canada, it is about $ 56. Check out the image below to understand the country-specific cost of React app development.

Things to Consider About Hiring a React developer

Due to the high demand for ReactJs developers, it becomes necessary for product owners to consider a few key skills for React Developers in order to successfully develop the React application. Consider the following factors for hiring React developers:

Expertise in Technology

The React developers you are planning to release should have technical knowledge including Advanced HTML (latest HTML versions), JSON, Rest APIs, and much more. React developer with expert concept concepts such as functional modules, JSX brings additional capabilities and knowledge to product development.

He is skilled in Multiple Technologies

Responsive developers with expertise in many technologies and development facilities are an addition. Many experienced developers have the ability to work with MERN Stack and Express to develop stack-filled applications.

Build Tools

Product owners should consider this tool for creating a feature that every React developer should be aware of and have expertise in (Visual Studio Code, Webpack, DevTools, NPM, etc.).

Know the Cost of Hiring a React developer Based on the Involvement Model

As we understand in the upper part of the blog, the cost of hiring a Remote React developer varies from country to country. Now let’s understand the different remote rental models that help you understand the cost of hiring a React developer.

Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated team model especially helps organizations that need the team to work longer. In this dedicated team model, you can select the number of developers you want in your team that helps you complete product development.


This development is best suited to the organization with special needs and features in the development of their application. Organizations such as Moon Technolabs provide the best possible development support for ReactJs through a dedicated and experienced development team.

Fixed Price Model

A fixed price model is most commonly used if you have a fixed budget, requirements, and a fixed deadline. This fixed value model has no way of changing anything during the upgrade, as all requirements are specified in advance prior to the development of the React Js application.

The average hourly cost of hiring a React at Moon Technolabs developer is $ 23 and depending on how talented you hire a developer, the rate may vary. The image below shows the hourly and monthly costs of React developers.

Costs of Hiring a React developer: In-House Vs Remote

The cost of hiring a React developer can also depend on the set of skills you hire (In-house or Remote React developers). 

One of the most obvious is the cost of hiring a React developer, which includes salary, working space, employee benefits, and many more. The average cost of hiring In-house ReactJs developers is always between $ 15 and $ 100 per hour which can be costly for small business owners.

Although the cost of hiring Remote React developers is lower than in-house developers. The only thing business owners should consider hiring is a ReactJs development company that is at the forefront of their digital product development.

The average cost will stay between $ 20 to $ 38 per hour. Medium rental rates are more expensive, so hiring Remote React developers is a good option for app development.

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