How Online Reputation Management (ORM) can Help your Brand go Global from Local

Reputation carries a lot of weight. Maintain a good reputation, and people will connect with you. Get your brand name dragged in an ugly controversy, and people will think twice before reaching out to you. Your brand reputation can be the end of your business or the start of a meaningful relationship with your customers. Online reputation management is all about managing your brand’s image, let it be on websites, Google searches, social media, or other digital media outlets. In today’s times, especially, online reputation management is essential to build credibility and trust and improve visibility.

Online Reputation Management for Unstoppable Growth

Online reputation management is a continuous process in which you don’t allow negative news about your brand to get out of hand. All the prominent brands have this covered, and that’s exactly why they issue statements immediately following a controversy or highlight the positives rather than focusing on the negativite news circulating in the media. It’s the need of the hour as brands need to save their reputation before the competition grabs a chance to leverage the opportunity. Every brand that services to a larger audience has given reputation its due by focusing and strengthening it before exploring uncharted territories. One of the reasons for their success is their impeccable reputation.

Why is Reputation More Important Today?

There’s simple reason: people consciously consider brand reputation before anything else to determine if they are interested in your brand. People want to know your brand, its ethics, values, and mission. They want to see the bigger picture. They are looking for more than just buying. They are looking for connections and value. If your brand reputation is linked to providing value, your customers will not be too fazed by negative reviews and search results. But if you did not focus on building a reputation, it won’t take time for your brand to be a miss rather than a hit.

How does this tie into increasing your chances of a global reach? Let’s say, you are receiving negative reviews. Even though there are not many such reviews present, they are still visible on your website and Google search results. You can remove negative reviews or choose to respond to them empathetically, showing that you care about what your customers think. Similarly, you can remove negative links from Google search, work on removing content from Google search that has been presented without facts, and remove negative news articles that show your brand in a bad light. Or you can respond to fake stories spreading about your brand.

When you build a solid foundation with the help of online reputation management, you can strengthen your local reach. Global customers have access to what your local customers have to say about your brand’s ethics, products, and services. When they see that the majority of the reviews, articles, and testimonials are positive, they will organically associate with your brand. This means they have faith in you even before they start purchasing from you. In this way, it becomes easier to start your business internationally because they know you are a trustworthy and reputable brand.


Online reputation management is a task best left to experts. Hiring a digital PR agency that knows when to remove negative links and respond to negative news is crucial to ensure you maintain your brand reputation. Online reputation management needs to be seen as a proactive approach to building your reputation rather than simply reactive. In the ‘cancel culture’ we live in, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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