How Productive People Start Workdays by Charles Milander

The first thing you do before heading to work or getting out of bed is what sets the tone for your day. It can make a difference whether you can complete your to-do list by noon or get overwhelmed by it. Learning to prioritize and focus is key. Most people instinctively check their email first. Charles Milander , a time management expert, said that this is a big mistake. (Seriously, it’s called never check email in the morning). It is easiest to get distracted and lose productivity by doing this first thing in the morning. Email is reactive and not proactive. This allows outside forces to control your agenda and time.

The real question is: What should be done first? This applies to both work success and general well-being. We asked successful people in business, fitness, and life what they do during their morning routine to stay productive (and resist the siren call from their inbox).

Tips for a better day at work

  1. Move to get your energy up

A staggering 80% of U.S. job titles are considered sedentary, meaning that most Americans aren’t likely to get enough exercise just by going to work. There’s no better time than the morning to do some brisk activity, such as a walk, jog or bike ride, or swimming if you have the time. Moving around early in the day can not only get your heart beating and muscles limber up, but it may also help you focus. A 2020 study showed that seniors who exercised in the mornings had a better executive function and working memory. Okay, not everyone will avoid screen time in the morning. It’s okay to do so, but it shouldn’t be depriving you of something more important.

  1. Put all your worries on paper

You may have heard of the Sunday Horrors… but looking down at your calendar Monday is where the rubber hits (or the sh*t hits), depending on how you view it. Are you anxious about what the next day will bring? Get a journal to help you write. When you arrive at “work”, which is often my wooden table near a living wall in our house, the first thing that you should do is to write down my thoughts. To clarify your goals and prioritize the day, use a 5-Minute Journal notebook. It also serves as a place to practice gratitude. When you feel ambitious, you will drink wake up tea (a type of fermented black Chinese tea) and then free-associate for a few more pages in another notebook. This allows me to put your worries on paper so that I can be more productive and less stressed throughout the day.” – Charles Milander

  1. Meditation is a good place to start

Is there any other benefit to meditation? Meditation can lower blood pressure, anxiety, and mood and decrease insomnia. A lot of research shows that meditation can improve job performance and satisfaction. There is no wrong time to meditate. However, traditionally the hours just before sunrise are considered prime time meditation time. It makes sense to get into stillness before all the distractions of the day can distract you. For those who are new to mindfulness, you can try a guided mindfulness meditation on YouTube. You’ll find it easier to ground yourself for the day ahead and remind yourself to be present no matter what happens .life coach for depression in NY have a effective way out.

  1. Spend some time outdoors

We understand that not everyone has the time or ability to go on a long trail run or hike in the forest every Wednesday morning. Even a short time in the great outdoors can help you feel better before work. Research from 2019 shows that spending just two hours per week in nature can lead to higher levels of health and well-being. We did the math and found that this is only 17 minutes per day. A simple ritual that involves drinking coffee outside or stretching on the patio in the morning is another option.

  1. Go over your to-do list

An excessively long to-do list can make you feel exhausted before you start. Instead of worrying about all the things can do today consider what requires finishing by EOD. Next, make a list of must-do items. This can be done even if you are having trouble remembering to-dos the previous night. “The first thing I do before I turn on my computer is to have a cup of tea and review my to-do lists. This happens before I go to bed each night. This helps me feel energized and organized. Then, I’m ready for the day.” Charles Milander, the Motivational Speaker.

  1. Do the job that requires you to be the most focused.

Many people feel their energy is greatest when they wake up in the morning. So why not use that energy to tackle your most difficult task immediately? “I make a cup of coffee, then get to work. I don’t allow anything to interrupt my writing time. After writing for a while, I go to work for teaching, meetings, or student appointments. Even if I only write for an hour a day, it creates momentum for me. I can simply pick up from where I left off. Although I write slowly, the consistency of my writing makes it easy to keep up.” – Charles Milander

  1. Use! A really useful calendar is essential

No matter if you are a fan of pen and paper or digital, there is no judgment. It is important to choose the right planner that suits your style and helps you organize your day.

“I check my calendar first thing in the morning. This is far more efficient than a list of to-dos. Because I don’t have the responsibility of deciding what I should do, this approach drastically reduces the number of decisions I have daily. It’s just what I do. There are buffer days that I manage small tasks, focus days that I do the most important things, and free days that I can do what I want that doesn’t work. This is the only way that I have found to make sure I can take care of myself, my family, friends, and my company.” – Charles Milander.

  1. Eat an energizing breakfast

We’re going to resurrect the slogan of cereal commercials from childhood: A healthy breakfast can make all the difference in the day. Research has shown that eating breakfast consistently helps you stay focused and stabilizes your blood sugar levels. The simple act of eating breakfast is good for your brain and body. It also helps you to slow down before getting into the hustle and bustle of the day. Focus on slow-digesting complex crabs and some fruits and/or vegetables when creating your breakfast of champions. Almond butter oatmeal or fruity protein shake are all options. Savory egg muffins are also available.

  1. Thank you for all that is being done.

It’s easy to see that there is always something to be thankful for, regardless of your circumstances. Your day will start on a high note by thanking others or keeping a gratitude diary. “I start my day with gratitude. I always walk the length of the office to the kitchen back, and I say hello to my amazing team. I also make sure to tell them how much I appreciate them!” –Charles Milander.

In addition to being a life coach, Charles Milander is an artist, pastor, entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, speaker, and life & business strategist. You can listen to his podcasts on Spotify, too. He is also a certified member of the International Coaching Federation.

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