How the Latest Tech can boost students creativity

Don’t have those creative juices flowing?

It’s called the creative block. Where you have found yourself trapped my friend. But don’t worry it happens to everyone at some point in their career, that no matter how hard you focus you just don’t see a spark in your work lately. This can be broken if by drawing some basic shapes on a piece of paper or if you want more idea keep reading!

Creativity is Cyclical

Creativity needs its domain, it needs its space to boost up and most of all it needs solitude. Being creative is one thing but boosting is another. It needs the proper environment, the right set of tools and ambiance in the room that can get your creative juices flowing in no time.

The Desk space of creativity!

1. Heaven in Hand:

Have you ever painted a masterpiece and wished you could just walk inside it? Or how many times you have run out of space on your canvas but your creative mind wasn’t completely satisfied. Google tilt brush can help you with all of this.

It’s a virtual reality painting experience that teleports you to a dark world which you fill with your colors. The process involves putting on VR glasses and using Google’s tilt brush to paint around you.

The creativity options are so wide on this tool that they make everything possible with its 3D drawing space. You can paint a sunset and go live it anytime you want. Or you can draw and landscape as long as 2 kilometers, where a person could walk.

Although this latest gizmo has removed the limits of a 2D drawing space but let’s not expect that everyone will become Leonardo Da Vinci. How this tech is used completely depends on how creative the other person is.

You could draw a city or a location of your favorite anime or cartoon and sell it to a fan. Or paint a romantic evening in Parish.

Heck! You can go as far as painting a park for yourself and go jogging in the morning if you like!

2. The Surface Studio 2

Setting up your workspace is one thing but having the perfect gizmo for the job is as crucial as anything. As a creative student or designer, you would need the comfort of designing and the luxury to not even move your mouse to select the next color in the palette in Photoshop!

Because that’s just how much we are lost in our creativity! Surface Studio 2 gives you all that.

Simply lay down your desktop on your desk (Yes, it is possible with surface pro series) and start drawing. You also get a cylindrical tool that you can place on the screen with one hand and it will act as your color palette.

3. Creative Pen Table!

Surface pro and google tilt brush are expensive gadgets and we know that. Adding Inexpensive tools without even trying the less expensive ones is wrong. Wacom Intuos is a graphic tablet on which you can dissertation help draw with a pressure controlled pro pen 2.

The artwork would be directly visible on the monitor not on the pad but that’s okay because it won’t eat up your drawing space.

The Workspace of Creativity

 1. Nano Life Aurora

If you follow famous YouTubers you would somewhat have an idea what we are talking about here. Remember those triangle light tiles on the wall behind almost every YouTuber? That’s called Nano Life Aurora.

See to understand how to boost creativity we need to understand that creativity is like a plant that takes growth in its environment and outside things can damage it.

So creating and managing the ambiance of your room or workplace will surely help a lot of getting your creative cells to work!

2. Add a touch of Smart nature!

The word smart defines a futuristic or innovative touch to anything natural, doesn’t it? You must be wondering how one adds innovation to a plant? Well, you can ask Mu Design but there is a small chance they would let you in on their secret.

Mu designs have creates a Virtual pet out of your favorite plant after you shift it into their smart pot! The Lüa smart planter is a pot with a screen that has a face on it to represent your plant.

The pot than reacts in happy, sad, cold, hot, and hungry emotion to generate interaction.

The interactive pet like a plant can get your attention off distraction and give your mind the rest and peace it needs to generate that creative energy again in you.

3. Headphones Not Speakers!

Okay, let’s get one thing straight headphones are always better than speakers when it comes to adding them in your creative workspace. To get your creative head working you need to give it the right tunes!

Playing music on speakers won’t be as effective as having headphones or earphones on because of the background noises, try headphones like Sony WH1000XM3 with noise cancelation feature that lets you slip into an audio nirvana.

Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment!

Creativity is an ongoing process, it’s like a waterfall inside of you that keeps flowing. You just need to learn to channel it. Simply keeping in touch with technology and nature both can help you stimulate as much creativity as you want in your work.

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