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How to buy real YouTube views?

YouTube has been around for 15 years although it does feel like it’s been around forever. YouTube was launched in 2005 and has since then become the largest video sharing platform. YouTube is a well-established site and so has quite a prestige but along with this it also has the potential for sharing great content and making money off of it, basically monetizing your content.

When YouTube was initially introduced money played no part whatsoever and was only limited to sharing videos and bringing joy and entertainment to many. Not much has changed. The objective is still the same with a little money factor bonus. Now creators share videos with not only a goal of entertaining the public but also making enough views and subscribers to make it something profitable. However, if the goal isn’t to be a famous YouTube, there are other ways to make a profitable business using YouTube. It is a great marketing site where you can generate more interest in your brand, business, products and services. YouTube has over 2 million monthly users making it the second most visited platform, falling behind Facebook.

You might be wondering what does it require to set up a well established and monetized YouTube channel? Subscribers, likes, comments help your channel and videos gain exposure and through exposure, your YouTube channel gets views which is the sole game changer. Nothing helps prove and boost your channel’s credibility as a high number of views. Getting a high amount of views on your videos is the key to having a successful channel and it also has a lot of benefits helping your content perform well on the platform.

There are a huge number of services that advertise selling YouTube views in a heartbeat but don’t be tricked — if the deal seems too good to be true chances are it is. Many times unsuspecting and unwitting YouTubers who want to grow their channel fall prey to such phoney companies that use flashy deals to catch the attention of many users. Many companies offer deals that are not in the overall benefit of the YouTuber to make a quick buck.

Lucky for you buying YouTube views isn’t the only way of getting real youtube views. There are several things one can do and follow to perpetuate more YouTube views on their channel and videos to gain the traction needed to monetize your channel and generate brand and product advertising.

In this article, you will know about

  • Why do people buy YouTube views?
  • What happens when you buy YouTube views?
  • How to buy real YouTube views?
  • Benefits of buying real youtube views.

Let’s dive in.

Why do people buy YouTube views?

To understand YouTube views sales, we need to first understand the importance of YouTube views. Why are views necessary and important? Having a look at the YouTube performance statistics one can easily tell that YouTube is a platform with the second most monthly active users across the world, the first being Facebook. This piece of information tells us that there is a cut-throat competition on the video-sharing platform.

With a massive amount of competition, there are several videos available to the public to watch on YouTube with every passing second. To help you understand, per minute there is an addition of 500+ hours video uploaded on YouTube from all over the world. With such massive numbers, how would the audience decide on what to watch?

Statistics show that up to 70% of the videos that are viewed come from YouTube algorithms that provide the viewers with the recommended section. This means that whatever videos are recommended by the YouTube algorithm are most likely to be viewed by users. If YouTube recommends it, users watch it.

So now the question arises how to get into YouTube recommendations? This depends mostly on your content and niche but it also depends on views. To perform well in the algorithm, your video needs to qualify with a certain number of views. Once you get the qualifying views your video will automatically be recommended which will gain you more viewers without having to lift your pinky. Buying views to increase your chances may sound appealing but keep in mind that this platform has dealt with fake views for 15 years and has managed to keep track of any major foul play. YouTube algorithms are very advanced and have an experience of 15 years.

What happens when you buy YouTube views?

It does seem like an easy and smart option when you look at different sites selling YouTube views. Why not simply buy many views and enjoy the benefits?

Among the many reasons as to why you should not buy YouTube likes and views the biggest reason is, fake views. Most sites sell fake views to YouTube, which brings no benefit to your channel and they will not help in generating any real views. Gullible YouTube’s quickly trust these so-called “high-quality” views which later turn out to be fake views. In the end, it is just a flashy term to attract more customers.

These fake views are not permanent since these are generated by bot accounts which are ultimately removed by YouTube.  YouTube routinely clears out fake views from every and any channel and so these views will fail to help you reach your YouTube recommendation goal. YouTube has integrity and image to maintain, it hasn’t been the world’s best video sharing platform for nothing. They know how to eliminate any fake views and subscribers from various videos and channels which is why even after 15 years the platform is still number 1.

How to buy real YouTube views?

Even though most sites offer fake views there are some diamonds in the mines of coal. There are a handful of web sites which offer real views and subscribers to buyers. These real views will help propel the growth of your channel and give exposure to your content. One important thing to note is to stay away from sites that offer you YouTube bot. This will lead to your channel being flagged by YouTube and ultimately losing all account privileges. This can be quite disappointing after the hard work and hours put into the growth of the channel. So do not waste your money or time buying fake YouTube views when you can buy real ones and avail all the benefits they come with. Buying real YouTube subscribers and views will ultimately be beneficial; you will be able to see the growth of your channel through those bought views.

Benefits of buying real YouTube views.

Real YouTube views are generated from active and real accounts. These accounts are not bot accounts and so YouTube cannot remove these views or subscribers. This way you not only get permanent views but also increase the reach of your channel and content. Real views help attract natural views on YouTube. Plus there is no chance of YouTube flagging your channel. It is always best to invest in real stuff. Do your research before investing in any such sites. There are some really good sites on the web that provide the best of services. Do why incest in the fake views when you can have real ones.


There you have it all there is to know about YouTube videos and its monetization. Why are YouTube views important? Where can you buy real YouTube views? Benefits of buying real YouTube views. Every detail and question is explained and cleared. The important aspect is to be consistent and to make high-quality content. Also, make sure you keep up with the various trends. Be innovative and relatable. YouTube fame and growth may be slow but persistence is the key. So keep at it, keep making good videos to entertain the masses.

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