How to Choose a Signature Scent

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You don’t have to be a famous person to have a signature scent. You, too, can discover your personal fragrance in one that inspires you, moves you, and follows you wherever your travels take you. Take, for instance, supermodel Kate Moss. Her signature scent is part of her daily beauty routine, and she won’t leave her home without it on. Her intoxicating, long-time favorite features a sexy fragrance of bitter orange blossom combined with Egyptian jasmine and white rose.

Explore Fragrance Families

As you’re smelling some perfumes to find your personal favorite, it helps to understand what family the scent is from. For example, there are fragrance categories such as floral, woody, green, citrusy, and musk. Each family is unique in the gorgeous type of scent it exudes.

Try on some florals that deliver a feminine scent, or maybe you are drawn to a sexy, woody aromatic like Santal 33 perfume.

Green scents are those that delight the senses with a leafy, grassy aroma.

Lemon, orange, and lime are citrus family fragrance favorites while musk reveals a grounded, earthy aroma.

Find your fragrance family; it’s in there.

Try a Triple Round at a Time

Fragrance experts suggest taking your time in searching for a signature scent. In other words, don’t overload the olfactory sense all at once. Each fragrance you sniff and wear deserves to have its own moment to shine.

Try three fragrances at a time. You will know if you like it by the sniff test. Your nose really does know. The olfactory sense is essential to human behavior, according to studies. It has the power to influence one’s taste and personality. Your nose helps you make decisions in emotional and social situations.

Spritz it Upon Your Wrist and Go

One beauty magazine editor has this advice. After you find a particular scent that you’re drawn to, spray the perfume upon your wrist, and wait for about 20 seconds as it absorbs into your skin. Next, take a whiff, and see how it delivers.

Then, go do something else. Don’t smell your wrist again until after 30 minutes. By this point, the fragrance will have had enough time to work with your unique body chemistry.

If you still adore the fragrance, buy it, and enjoy it.

Consider What Your Scent Evokes

An important question to ask yourself before settling on a signature scent or two is this: What is it you want to feel when you wear this beautiful fragrance?

Not only should the scent appeal to your senses, but what about its purpose?

Do you want to come across as sophisticated, sensual, playful, romantic, strong or masculine, etc?

A signature fragrance should help define your spirit and how it makes you want to be.

Don’t Yield to What’s Trending

It can be overwhelming when you’re on the hunt for a spectacular signature fragrance because there are so many options. You may also be intrigued by trendy perfumes, but don’t let social media cloud your judgment. The TikTok crowd has its opinions, but when it comes to cultivating a personal scent, do it for you and because you like what you’re inhaling.

Trends come and go, and you make get some good ideas from influencers, but trust your gut. You’ll know if you like a scent and not just because celebrities are wearing it.

Shop for Fragrance at the Right Time

Here’s a helpful tip: Your sense of smell is at its strongest in the A.M. Go fragrance shopping in the morning as your nose is at peak power for sniffing out an exquisite fragrance designed just for you, your olfactory sense, and your unique body chemistry.

Some enjoy buying more than a single signature scent and oftentimes, will shop for similar perfumes that share familiar notes.


Fashion, beauty, and hair all play a role in reflecting your personality, appearance, and specialness as an individual. A personal fragrance takes it to another level, one that is more intimate and allows others around you to perceive you a certain way and especially, to remember you by. Your signature scent is yours, capturing the essence of you.

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